Make Paris Real

Join our Paris Agreement 5th Birthday Postcard Action


Join parents and families from around the world in writing messages for climate action by sending a wish for the future to your countries leader or to Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the UN or to Frans Timmermans First Vice President of the European Commission

Our goal is to send as many birthday postcards as possible to our leaders to remind them of their responsibility to ACT NOW and fulfill the Paris Agreement. You can send your postcard by mail or online. Posting our cards on social media will amplify the message. Let’s rock this special birthday!


Make Paris Real: Parents For Future Global's message to the EU Summit

As teachers, workers, scientists and activists - but first and foremost as parents – we ask you, the EU leaders and fellow parents, to listen to us.

A parent’s love for their child is all-consuming. It knows no bounds. But as things stand, parents have no hope to offer the younger generation.

The Paris Agreement is not yet a reality. Emissions are rising instead of falling. On this current trajectory we will never stay within the 1.5 degrees Celcius target. This is unacceptable. We watch your promises dissolve into empty words as the world continues to burn, melt and collapse.

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Paris goes Brussels

There is a bunch of German Parents that started a bike tour to Brussels demanding #MakeParisReal and carrying an Eiffel tower with them.
We handed the statement over to them at the beginning of the tour.
Right now we mostly to promote the message: “a statement from Global Parents travels by bike to Brussels” and will concentrate on the content of our statement later near the actual date of the summit.

About the bike tour

About the EU summit

Our statement