Climate Parent Fellowship

The Climate Parent Fellowship is a new program that aims to support, connect, and amplify climate parent organizers as they grow their creative ideas, campaigns, and projects and contribute to the emerging climate-parent movement. It is a joint project between Our Kids Climate and Parents For Future Global and will run from April 1, 2021- March 31, 2022.

Fellows will demonstrate a deep commitment to building parent-led, intergenerational, or family-centered climate organising work, are highly collaborative, take innovative and creative approaches, and have a solid track record of getting stuff done. We want to select eight fellows, half from the global South. Fellows must have a genuine need for financial and community support in order to continue or deepen their work. More on our selection criteria can be found here .

The Fellowship program will run for one year and includes a part-time stipend which will be adjusted based on the cost of living in different countries. The Fellowship program also includes training and mentoring as well as the development of a peer-to-peer learning network. Candidates who are shortlisted as Finalists for the fellowship but not selected will be eligible for a grant to support their organization’s work.

Applications close on Monday 15 March 11pm UTC.


A recording of one of the past Infomation sessions can be found here:
(Meeting Recording)


We will hold open Q&A sessions to help with the application and answer your personal questions. Please register through if you’d like to attend one of them.

  • Tuesday 9 March 13:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC


The button below will take you to a portal where you can apply for the fellowship. You will need to apply in one sitting, you cannot save and return. Here are the questions we will ask . We recommend working on your answers beforehand and pasting them into the portal.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this first year, this Climate-Parent Fellowship is intended to support people who are already working on parent-led, intergenerational, and/or family-focused climate engagement and organizing. We strongly encourage people to apply if they are already doing work in this area or if they have an idea for a new project that would contribute to the emerging climate-parent community.

Our ideal candidate would be an inspiring organizer, activist, or leader who is already engaged in developing new ideas or carrying out existing organizations and strategies, is highly collaborative, and does not have access to existing funding sources. We are interested in fellows engaging in a range of climate engagement and movement strategies: creative (storytelling, film, blog, podcast, book, social media, etc), schools campaigns, legal strategies, sustainable behavior, grassroots/community organizing, corporate focussed strategies, and others.

This is a global Fellowship. Candidates from ALL countries are eligible to apply. We particularly welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds. At least half of the Fellows selected will be from the Global South.

Yes. In the first year, the Fellowship (monthly calls, retreat, mentorship) will be run in English; however, we expect many fellows selected will not be native English speakers. The application process is also in English, but applications will be judged on the ideas and potential contribution to the community, not on the accuracy of spelling/grammar.

No. In addition to parent-led climate organizations, we will consider all applicants working on all intergenerational and family friendly climate organizing, although we expect a majority of Fellows selected will be parents, grandparents, or primary caregivers.

This Fellowship has been set up to strengthen parent-climate organizing and to increase the funding flowing into parent-climate groups with the aim of growing the whole community of parent-climate engagement. We won’t fund individuals who:

  • Are not focused on climate-parent organizing, intergenerational, and family-focused climate organizing.
  • Are already working for a well-funded organization or have access to major funds and resources. If your group or organization had 2 (or 3) full time employees working on parent-led climate engagement this Fellowship is probably not for you.
  • Are not currently working in partnership or collaboration with others at the local, national, and/or international levels.
  • Can’t commit time to developing their group, organization, project, or idea throughout the year, and to participate in the global cohort activities.

Selected Fellows will be awarded a part-time stipend to help carry out their work for this 12 month Fellowship program. This amount will vary depending on country, but will be equivalent to $20,000 USD for US and European Fellows. (Please note: The fellowship stipend is intended to fund part of the Fellow’s time and efforts during the one year period. It is not equivalent to a full-time salary.)

Fellows will become part of the first Fellowship cohort and will have access to peer-to-peer learning, monthly training/discussion sessions, communications support, and a small amount of tailored 1:1 mentoring

Fellows will be expected to spend time further developing their existing idea/group/organization/project or working to launch their new project. Fellows will also be expected to actively participate in monthly online training sessions, the Fellowship retreat, and mentorship opportunities.

This is a pilot 1-year Fellowship but we hope to make this into a longer-term Fellowship program; the Fellows selected in 2021 will be asked to provide feedback to help shape the ongoing program. This will involve completing 3 questionnaires at the beginning, middle, and end of the program and staying in touch with the Fellowship team at key stages.

We are holding two Q&A sessions on Tuesday 9 March at 13:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC that anyone with questions about the application is welcome to join. Please email for joining links.

Applicants are asked to complete the online application form by Monday 15 March. Any candidates with accessibility needs requiring support in completing this application form please contact the fellowship team on

While the application form will be important in helping us understand you and your work, applications will not be judged on the accuracy of the English.

Yes! The application requires 2 references from within the climate-parent or broader climate movement. We are looking for collaborative people and therefore it is highly likely that some people will be both applicants and also references. We encourage you to apply and to support your collaborators. Your references will not be contacted unless you are selected as a Finalist.

Applications will be assessed by the Fellowship team and by a five-person Selection Committee comprising key members of Parents For Future Global and Our Kids’ Climate from the Fellowship team and diverse external committee members with expertise on climate engagement and fellowship programs. Candidates will be shortlisted and 15 applicants will be interviewed.

We are committed to offering at least half the Fellowship positions to applicants from the Global South and will take care during the selection process to select a diverse cohort of Fellows.

In cases where there are selection committee members already working closely with an applicant, the Selection Committee member(s) will recuse themselves from decision making.

We aim to offer at least 8 Fellowships in 2021 to begin on or around April 1, 2021.

The 7 candidates who are interviewed but not ultimately selected will be eligible for a one-off grant of $5,000 to support their work through Our Kids’ Climate.

If you know someone who would be a strong candidate for this program, please encourage them to apply.

We are seeking to raise more funding to increase the amount of training and mentorship available to the first cohort of Fellows, to expand this Fellowship, and to make this an ongoing Fellowship program. We would welcome any fundraising input, please contact

We are currently seeking a consultant to help manage the year-long Fellowship program - the consultancy description will be posted here soon, so do keep an eye out.

We will be looking for skilled and experienced mentors to offer support to the Fellows. If you have relevant experience and might be interested in supporting one or more of the Fellows as a mentor, please contact

We are grateful to the two incredibly supportive funders who have offered direct support for this pilot Fellowship project - Equation Campaign and UMI Fund. Without their support this Fellowship would not be possible and we have appreciated their feedback, encouragement and partnership on getting this Fellowship to launch. We also want to thank KR Foundation for their ongoing support to build the climate-parent community.

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