Make Paris Real: Parents For Future Global's message to the EU Summit

As teachers, workers, scientists and activists - but first and foremost as parents – we ask you, the EU leaders and fellow parents, to listen to us.

A parent’s love for their child is all-consuming. It knows no bounds. But as things stand, parents have no hope to offer the younger generation.

The Paris Agreement is not yet a reality. Emissions are rising instead of falling. On this current trajectory we will never stay within the 1.5 degrees Celsius limit. This is unacceptable. We watch your promises dissolve into empty words as the world continues to burn, melt and collapse.

Many people in the most affected areas are already losing everything, including their lives, in a crisis they are not responsible for. Europe owes a historical debt, and has a responsibility and moral obligation to do everything in its power to work towards climate justice. 

As the United States of America prepares to join us again in this fight for life on earth, and as we approach this fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, we have an opportunity to prevent further damage with resolute action. 

We see our children march on the streets for their future, knowing that they should be enjoying their childhoods. It doesn’t have to be this way. People are hungry for a green and just economic recovery that will ensure not only huge job opportunities globally, but a safer world and future for all children.

As leaders of the EU and its Member States, you were voted in by your citizens and have a responsibility to make decisions according to their will. Surveys tell us that over 90% of respondents agree that greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced to a minimum.* Public and parental demand for action has never been more fervent.

With the economy still at the top of most political agendas, it must be formally recognised that the current model is hurtling us towards a cliff edge. Humanity is already bearing the devastating costs and consequences of our unrestrained economies, fuelled by continuous growth and unlimited consumption.

We need courageous decision making. 
We need a green, circular economy for our children. 
We need a sustainable food system. 
We need a transition away from fossil fuels.  
You need to address the cause over the symptoms. 

You need to raise the EU 2030 emissions reduction target to 80%, to follow a path that limits warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.**

The consequences of further hesitation are unthinkable.

As we cling to the Paris agreement – our very last hope – we ask for bold and determined action for the sake of our children.

We are ready to make Paris real - are you?