Statement to the EU green recovery fund: #ZeroBailoutsForFossilFuels

On Monday 9 November, the European Parliament has a last chance to ensure that the nearly €700 billion in emergency Covid-19 recovery funds to be invested in the next seven years are allocated in ways that serve the best interests of our children and future generations.

At a time in history when the world is sinking into a dangerous climate and ecological crisis, a crucial vote will decide whether part of these funds can be deviated towards industries that contribute to the threat of collapse of our living conditions.

As EU parents, we urge the MEPs to fulfil their responsibility to ensure that these funds - to be paid as taxes by us and our children - are not turned into a further burden to the youngest and future generations. We demand that not a single euro of this money is spent to subsidise fossil fuels or other polluting industries.

As global parents from all over the world, we unite and raise our voices for a new sustainable economy exclusively based on the protection and restoration of nature. We cannot tolerate that the interests of polluters are allowed to further compromise our legacy to the children of tomorrow, with resources borrowed from their future.


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Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash