#EndFossilFuels - Parents Call for a Fossil Fuel Treaty

Woman with child in her arms and with the text Because we Love our children
Parents For Future Global, as a diverse network of international climate parent groups, has united their voices to end fossil fuels and is demanding a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is a concrete plan to reduce emissions at a global level. The window of opportunity to prevent worst climate disasters is rapidly closing, please join our call and sign our letter:

Parents call for the end of the fossil fuel era to give children a livable planet


As parents, grandparents and carers from across the globe, we are calling on governments to negotiate, adopt and implement a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, for the sake of the children we love.

We bring our children into this world, helping them learn to walk, to talk, and we teach them about the wonder of all that is around them. Many of our children are still too small to know the state of the planet we are handing to them, or what the climate catastrophe will mean in their lifetimes.

But we know. And as parents, we cannot remain silent as the fossil fuel industry and world leaders rob our children of a livable future.

Fossil fuels are the source of 86% of CO2 emissions that cause climate change. Our fossil fuel addiction means children in every country around the world are breathing toxic air, while storms and heat waves hit with increased severity and frequency.

World leaders know and even give speeches about how the climate crisis is already here and worsening. They acknowledge that sea levels are rising, and those who are most vulnerable and least responsible for the crisis are suffering the most, especially in the Global South.

And yet the fossil fuel juggernaut continues on like a runaway train with our children’s futures on the track.

We are set to produce twice as much coal, oil and gas as what is compatible with global climate goals. Our leaders talk about climate commitments, whilst they approve and subsidise fossil fuel projects with our money. We wonder how they have the strength to look today’s children in the eye.

As we put our children to sleep each night we tell them stories, and hug them tight. But the story they face when they wake needs to change before it is too late.

We need a new story, a new chapter for our children. This is why we are joining a growing call on governments to urgently commence negotiations to develop and implement a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, laying out a binding global plan to:

  1. End expansion of any new coal, oil or gas production in line with the best available science as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the United Nations Environment Programme;
  2. Phase-out existing production of fossil fuels in a manner that is fair and equitable, taking into account the respective dependency of countries on fossil fuels and their capacity to transition;
  3. Ensure a global just transition to 100% access to renewable energy globally, support dependent economies to diversify away from fossil fuels, and enable all people and communities, not least the Global South, to flourish.

Our children deserve a better, equitable world. A safe place to learn, play and live. One where they can dream big and hope for the future. A world where they can breathe clean air and drink clean water. Where energy is clean, accessible and secure. And where Indigenous lands and wisdom are valued and respected, and we live in balance with nature.

We love our children and would do anything to protect them. We refuse to hand them a broken and dangerous world. A clear, global plan to phase out fossil fuels is the first part of a better story for all children, and future generations. Governments must make it happen now, for our children’s sake.


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Signatories calling for the end of the fossil fuel era.

2741 persons have signed the letter.

Kathrin Remmers, Hannover , Germany
kathryn aitken, montreal, Canada
Kathryn Hampson, London, United Kingdom
Kathryn Hawkins, Pembroke, United Kingdom
Kathryn Rutherford, Toronto, Canada
Kathryn Wood, Hassocks
Katia De Lu, Ōtautahi, New Zealand
Katie Herman, Brooklyn, United States
Katie Millard, Oswestry, United Kingdom
Katja Rasmus, Germany
Katleen Dejonghe, Gent, Belgium
Katrin Höpfl, Eußenheim, Germany
Katrin Kürschner, Oldenburg, Germany
Katrin Wulf, Oldenburg, Germany
Katy Coebergh, Guildford , United Kingdom
Katy Cox, Feltham, United Kingdom
Kavita Rao , Hyderabad , India
Kay Baird, Canterbury, New Zealand
Kaye , Australia
Kelsey Fecho, Raleigh, United States
Kenth Halling, Stockholm, Sweden
Keren gordo, Menashe, Israel
Kerith Elizabeth Kelly, Los Angeles, United States
Kerry Mewhort, Oliver BC, Canada
Kerry Scott, Toronto, Canada
Kerstin Eklöf, Vaxholm, Sweden
Kerstin Schwammkrug, Lörrach , Germany
Kerstin Viklander, Jönköping, Sweden
Kevin ALBIN, Loubillé, France
Kevin McGinnis, Phoenix
Kezia Hicks, London, United Kingdom
Kiwalabye Ronald , Jinja, Uganda , Uganda
Klaudia Gołda, kraków, Poland
Klaus Mayer, Karlsruhe, Germany
Klemens Muthmann, Sachsen, Germany
Kluge, Sandra, Leipzig, Germany
Krishna Harish, Bengaluru, India
Kristin Fayne-Mulroy , New York, United States
Kristin Fladeby , Norway
Kristina Almlöf, Sweden
Kristina Friedrich, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Kristina Wittig
Kristine Wreyford , Stockholm , Sweden
Krombholz, Magdeburg Sachsen-Anhalt
Krzysztof , Poland
Kt Hartless Rose, Warwick , United Kingdom
Kuhlmann , Paris, France
Kushla Gale, Toowoomba , Australia
Kwamee Kwame , Kumasi, Ashanti , Ghana
Ky Ngo Dennis, California , Global
Kyle Matthews, Dunedin, New Zealand
L Kitson, New Plymouth, New Zealand
L Leask , Scotland , United Kingdom
L. Ray, Gold Coast. Queensland, Australia
Larissa Meckelburg, Berlin, Germany
Larissa Pereira, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Lars Axelsson, Skåne, Sweden
Lars Forsberg, Åre, Sweden
Lars Hofmann, Oldenburg, Germany
Lars Petrini, Mariefred , Sweden
Laura Barnaba, Rome, Italy
Laura Chauvet, Monterrey, Mexico
Laura Clout, Sevenoaks, United States
Laura Diamond, New York, United States
Laura Fernandez Soto, Granada
Laura Finazzo, Catonsville, United States
Laura Galli, San Giovanni In Persiceto (BO), Italy
Laura Green, Limerick , Ireland
Laura Horn, Tune, Denmark
Laura Real, CDMX, Mexico
Laurel Grzesik-Mourad, Los Angeles, United States
lauren Fozter wellard, Oxford, United Kingdom
Laurie Dunkin Wedd, Kent, United Kingdom
Lav Vi, Yeronga 4104, Australia
Lawren Richards, Bc, Canada
Laxmi Saxena, Jaipur, India
Leanne Brummell, St George Qld, Australia
Leanne Hickman, Mississauga Ontario Canada, Canada
Leeann, Global
Leila Moss-Kelly, Bracknell
Lena Bergström, SOLNA, Sweden
Lena Hammarbäck, Sweden
Lena Jarlöv, Tanum, Sweden
Lena Karlsson , Gothenburg , Sweden
Lena Lechner-Assouik, Bergheim, Germany
Lena Lundqvist, Mora, Sweden
Lena Müllhäuser , Rösrath , Germany
Lena Strand, Stockholm , Sweden
Lenka Dudlak Sidorova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Lenka Kominkova, Prague, Czechia
Lenka Mrvová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Lenka Žampáková, Bratislava, Slovakia
Lennart Karlsson, Uppsala, Sweden
Lennart Knutsson, Uppsala, Sweden
Leonardo Mino, Quito- Ecuador, Ecuador
Leoncio Valderrama, Nuevo León, Mexico
Leonor Del Bosque, Monterrey, Mexico
Leonore Theuer, Vienna, Austria
Lesley Walker, Northcote
Leslie Wharton, Bethesda, Maryland, United States
Lia, Switzerland
Libi ilan, Israel
Lida Gwarek , Warsaw , Poland
Lidia Grobel-Wiśniewska, Świdnik, Poland
Liel Biran, Kfar Saba, Israel
Lila Turner, London
Lilian Farah Nagato, LISBOA, Portugal
Lilian Stevens, Bristol, Global
Lilly Hankins, United States
Lim Bee Eng, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Lina María Rojas, Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Lina Piñeros Rubiano, Bogotá , Colombia
Linda Anlauf, Dresden, Germany
Linda Bradburn, Preston, Australia
Linda Granstrom, Sweden
Linda Hurrell, YORK, United Kingdom
Linda Kulkarni, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
linda MacCarthy, Dublin, Ireland
Linda Morén , Östersund, Sweden
Linda Tamez, Monterrey , Mexico
Linda Widman, Stockholm
Linda Williams , Brighton UK
Linder Lisa, Stockholm, Sweden
Lindsay Mugglestone, Berkeley, United States
Lindsay Wingate, Chelmsford , United Kingdom
Linn Samuelsson, Sköndal, Sweden
Lisa Altemo , Tidaholm, Sweden
Lisa Gålmark, 16834, Sweden
Lisa Gietl, Neu-Ulm, Germany
Lisa Kerrigan, London, United Kingdom
Lisa Kjellberg, Leksand, Sweden
Lisa Röthinger, Stuttgart, Germany
Lisa Söderlund, Stockholm , Sweden
Lisa Strand, Stockholm, Sweden
Liv Elf Karlen, Stockholm
Liv Williams, Bristol, United Kingdom
Livia Babsky, Salka, Slovakia
Liz Francis, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Liz Thornton, Noosa, Australia
Liza McAlonan, TWICKENHAM, United Kingdom
Lorena, Monterrey, Mexico
Lorenzo Brunelli , Italy
Lorna, Quebec, Canada
Lorna Ruskin, Manchester, United Kingdom
Lorne Morrow, Lund, Canada
Lotahn Raz, Haifa, Israel
Lotta Andersson , Sweden
Lotta Grönroos, Finland
Lotta Lindeborg, Färjestaden
Lotta Rizzo, Stockholm, Sweden
Lotte Clemenz, Tübingen, Germany
Lotte Nystad, FAUSKE, Norway
Lotte Vestergaard Mogensen, Aalborg, Denmark
Louisa Dotzauer, Hamburg, Germany
Louise Fuller, Peterborough, United Kingdom
Louise Somerville, East Lismore, Australia
Louise Wass, London
Lovisa Westbacke, Hisings Backa, Sweden
Lowie van Liere, Netherlands
Lubica Zarska Bebjakova, Partzanske, Slovakia
Luca Unsoeld, Tübingen, Germany
Lucia Sciuto, Galliera, Italy
Lucia Szabova , Bratislava, Slovakia
Luciana Reale, vigevano, Lombardia, Italy
Lucie Stephansen, Stockholm , Sweden
Lucy, Mty, Mexico
Lucy Gordon, Wellington, New Zealand
Lucy Mindnich, Herdecke, Germany
Ludwig Kempfle, München , Germany
Ludwika Klejnowska, Warsaw, Poland
Luis Gonzalez, San Luis Potosí , Mexico
Luís Henrique Abegão , Magé, Brazil
Luke Tracey, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Lulu Zonshine, Israel
Luzie Heidemann, Germany
Lynn Nilsson, Braås, Sweden
M'koumfida Bagbohouna, Lomé, Togo
M. Lourdes Bravo Bethencourt, Puerto de La Cruz, Spain
M. van der Steeg, Deventer , Netherlands
M.G.B. van Appeven, Maastricht, Netherlands
Maarit Snellman, Kaarina, Finland
Mabel, Grand Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maddalena Cesari, Bologna , Italy
Madeleine Ericson, Billdal, Sweden
Madisen, Global
Maëlle Boland, Woluwé-St-Pierre, Belgium
Magda Glaza, Kwidzyn, Poland
Magda Kołba-Górna , Olsztyn, Poland
Magdalena Duda-Załęcka, Kraków, Poland
Magdalena Dukaczewska, Warszawa, Poland
Magdaléna Pastvová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Magdalena Śladowska , Warszawa
Magdalena Witkowska, Łódź, Poland
Maggie B, Massachusetts, United States
Maik Grebita, Hamburg, Germany
Maike Biefang, Münster , Germany
Maike Cram, Austria
Maja Nilsson, Malmö, Sweden
Malcolm Paterson, Brisbane , Australia
Malika, Montreal, Canada
Malin Anderberg, Sweden
Malin Jacobsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Malin Leifsson , Sweden
Malin Stråle, Bagarmossen, Sweden
Malm Kerstin, Stockholm, Sweden
Malmén Elisabet, Järna, Sweden
Manfred Berger, Wien 23., Liesing, Austria
Manfred Marth, Horst, Germany
Manorama Ekka, Lohardaga, India
Manuela Polimeni , Monza, Italy
Manya Ghahremani , Klosterneuburg, Austria
Marcel Kirsch-Jessel , Göttingen, Germany
Marcel van de Bunt, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Marcela Camargo, Nuevo León , Mexico
Marcela Miranda , São Paulo , Brazil
Marcela Navarro, Antofagasta , Chile
Marcella Ravaglia, Ferrara, Italy
Marcia Colley, Totnes, United Kingdom
Marcia Walker, HALESWORTH, United Kingdom
Marco de Abreu, Lisbon, Portugal
Marco Ferrari, Alessandria , Italy
Marco Richter, Hannover, Germany
Marcos Iorio, Vinhedo- SP, Brazil
Marcus Alm, Stockholm, Sweden
Mareike Pruin, Hamburg , Germany
Marek Mrva, Bratislava , Slovakia
Maren Glüer, Hamburg , Germany
Margaret Hawthorne, Portland, United States
Margareta Koltai, Uppsala, Sweden
Margherita Caruso, Italy, Italy
Margit Ribbing, Kalmar, Sweden
Margit Suurhasko, Dragsfjärd, Finland
Margita Vajsablova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Margot Schilling, Wer Wiesbaden , Germany
Margriet, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marguerite Marshall, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Mari Regina Anastacio, Curitiba, Brazil
Maria Gerbel, Wien, Austria
Maria Andark, Stockholm, Sweden
Maria Backman, Sweden
Maria Cornell, Todmorden , United Kingdom
María del Pilar Figueroa González, Islas Canarias, Spain
Maria f. Valdes, Bogota, Colombia
María Fernanda Zetina López, Monterrey, Mexico
Maria Guglielmeti, Märsta, Sweden
Maria Henriksson-Bell, Hertford , United Kingdom
Maria Holter (Artists for Future Austria), Austria
María Isabel Pérez Serichol, Moya, Spain
Maria Johansson , Stockholm , Sweden
Maria Jose Gomez Castillo, Mexico
Maria Kochańska, Warszawa
Maria Kökenhoff, Berlin, Germany
Maria Santos, Monterrey, Mexico
María Tamara León León , Global
Mária Vilimová, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia
Maria Wocial, London
Marián Canseco Rivera , Tamaulipas , Mexico
Mariana Menezes, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Mariangela Isaia, Roma, Italy
Marianne Celano, Atlanta, United States
Marie Carvolth, CURRUMBIN, Australia
Marie Friberger, Gärsnäs , Sweden
Marie Karlsson , Kalix, Sweden
Marike Slabbert, Johannesburg
Marilena Bovina , Bologna , Italy
Marilyn Heise, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Marina Cremaschi, BOLOGNA, Italy
Mario Autherith, Salzburg, Austria
Mario Below, Dresden, Germany
Mario Gulli, Cologne, Germany
Marion Näder, Les Enfers, Switzerland
Marjut Tawast, Helsinki, Finland
Mark Cheffins, Baldivis, Australia
Mark Ford, Norrtälje, Sweden
Mark George , Dublin , Ireland
Mark P Davis, Gold Coast, Australia
Markus Burbach, Köln, Germany
Markus Palzer-Khomenko, Austria
Markus Pieper, Dresden , Germany
Markus Schmid , München
Markus Wohlfarth , Lüneburg , Germany
Marleen De Vry, Tielt-Winge, Belgium
Marlena A Fontes, Brooklyn, United States
Marlies Isani, Berlin, Germany
Marta Schaaf, Brooklyn, United States
Martha Amarante, Torreon Coah , Mexico
Martha Laura González García, Queretaro, Mexico
Martha Laura Montemayor, MONTERREY, Mexico
Martin Arnsten, Uppsala, Sweden
Martin Krajniak, Bratislava, Slovakia
Martin Krauß, Köln, Germany
Martin Lobgesang, Wien, Austria
Martin Poggenclaas, Hamburg, Germany
Martin Scholz , Germany
Martina Heidland-Hoppe, Gütersloh, Germany
Martina Kedrova, Trenčín, Slovakia
Martina Schlegel, Siegburg, Germany
Maru García, Mexico
Marvin Mielke, Henstedt-Ulzbzurg, Germany
Mary Fite, York, ME, United States
Mary otieno, Kisumu, Kenya
Marzena Wichniarz , Warsaw, Poland
Marzena Wolert, Brooklyn , United States
Mathias Behrmann, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Mathias Flammang, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Mathias Klingner, Dresden, Germany
Mathias Nagl, Wien, Austria
Matías Trujillo Estefan, Montevideo, Uruguay
Matilda Andersson, Sweden
Matilda Wessman, Copenhagen , Denmark
Matrushri Shetty, India
Mats Linde, Linköping, Sweden
Mats Söderlind, Folkärna
Matt Cooper, Bath, United Kingdom
Matt Thwaite, Lancashire , United Kingdom
Matthew Baird, Christchurch, New Zealand
Matthias Wohlgemuth , Bremen , Germany
Matthias Euteneuer , Dortmund , Germany
Matthias Feurer , Tübingen, Germany
Matthias Gries , Bad Vilbel , Germany
Matthias Rietschel , Dortmund , Germany
Matthias Röhder, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany
Matthias Rudolph, Leipzig, Germany
Matti Nummelin, Hyvinkaa, Finland
Maya Mailer, London, United Kingdom
Maya Sparks, Madrid, Spain
mayra cortes, CDMX, Mexico
Mayra vinuela, Nl, Mexico
Małgorzata Słowińska , Wrocław , Poland
Małgorzata Wrzosek, Łódź, Poland
McEwen David, Sydney, Australia
Meg Clark, ACT, Australia
Meg Evans, Taieri Beach, New Zealand
Megan, Madrid Spain
Megan Conley, Honolulu, United States
Meghan Kerr, Canada
Meike Feldmeier , Kreis Gütersloh , Germany
Melanie Kuffner, Vienna, Austria
Melanie Pecher, Germany
Melinda Evans, Bristol, United Kingdom
Melissa Guest, London, United Kingdom
Melody Gold Barry-Yobo , Bori-Ogoni , Nigeria
Meredith Heinrich, Ontario, Canada
Meredith Stewart, Louisiana, United States
Merja Eronen, Tampere, Finland
Merle Broihan, Gütersloh, Germany
Meryl Pinque, France
Mia Doerschner, Harbert, United States
Michael Barkley, Toronto, Canada
Michael Edmonds, Swansea, United Kingdom
Michael Görg, Hessen, Germany
Michael Heilgemeir, München, Germany
Michael Jäger , Mainz-Kastel , Germany
Michael Jäger, Mainz-Kastel, Germany
Michael Pigo-Cronin, Cape Cod, United States
Michael Poland, Melbourne, Australia
Michael Rozdoba, Washington, United Kingdom
Michael von Kasi, Cologne, Germany
Michael Wenker-Gierschner, Münster , Germany
Michael Wirk, Königswinter, Germany
Michaela Atzenhofer , Tyrol, Austria
Michaela Daniel, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Michaela Thwaite, Lancashire , United Kingdom
Michaela Wiese , München , Germany
Michal Dul, Wroclaw, Poland
Michal Feinberg , Tal Aviv, Israel
Michal Hvorecky, Bratislava, Slovakia
Michal Shalom, Yehud, Israel
Michal Shani, Tel Aviv, Israel
Michalina Rishmawi, Gliwice, Poland
Michel Kangro , Bonn, Germany
Michel Weber, Belp, Switzerland
Michele Cappiello, Prato, Italy
michele di muro, Basilicata, Italy
Michele Drucker, Miami, United States
Michelle Arellano, Quito, Ecuador
Michelle Brown, Wilberforce, Australia
Michelle Jackson, London, Global
Michelle Rawson, Epping, NSW
Michelle Vasquez, Cleveland, United States
Midhili R, Thiruvananthapuram, India
Mig, Grampians, Australia
Miguel Angel Alcaide Valverde, Alaquàs, Spain
Mihai Preda, Miami, United States
Mik Aidt, Geelong, Australia
Mika gang, Toronto , Canada
Mikael Amborn, Sköndal, Sweden
Mikaela Schlesinger, Gothenburg , Sweden
Mikayla Redden, Toronto, Canada
Milla Havanka, Tampere, Finland
Minna Hatti, Lund, Sweden
Minna Kanerva, Finland
minoru takayasu, naganoken, Japan
Miranda Rothenburger, Würzburg , Germany
Miree Le Roy, Brisbane , Australia
Mirella dziedzicka, Jelenia Góra, Poland
Miriam Lechner, Dresden, Germany
Miriam wanjiku , Kisumu , Kenya
Miroslav, Lučenec, Slovakia
Mitchell Leckner, Montreal , Canada
Miłosława Stępień, Konin, Poland
Moa, Växjö, Sweden
Mollie Heckerling , South Burlington, United States
Molly E. Bradford, Missoula, United States
Mona Ohlendorf, Berlin, Germany
Monica Bender, Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States
Monika Bielecka Prokop, Warsaw, Poland
Monika Krimmer, Hannover, Germany
Monika Kuch, Vienna, Austria
Monika Pyr, Moedling, Austria
Monika Rajput, Griesheim , Germany
Monja Tchoren Carvalho, Campinas, Brazil
Morel Grünblatt Morel Grünblatt, Belfort, France
Moriah Pratt, South Saint Paul
Mrrav Greidinger Sela, Israel
Naama hefetz , Israel
Nadine Berger, Deutschland
Nadine Finke, Forli , Italy
Nadja Bossmann, Berlin, Germany
Namita Sood , NCR, India
Nancy , Grand Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nancy Friel, Pacific Northwest, United States
Naomi raz, Jerusalem
Naomi Whyler, Melbourne, Australia
Nasrin Büttner, Oberhavel, Germany
Natalia Arora, Luton, United Kingdom
Natalia Kadzidlowska , Warsaw , Poland
Natalie Caine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Canada
Natalie v.Maydell , Schleswig- Holstein , Germany
Natasha Persad, Ashtead
Natasha Ramarathnam, Hyderabad, India
Natasza Korczak, Poland
Nathalie Conrad, Uccle, Belgium
Nathalie Otte , Germany
Nathalie Torres, Bogotá , Colombia
Ned Powell, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Neel Kamal, Bathinda, Punnab, India
Neelam Mehta Bali , New Delhi , India
Nellie A.V. Chaban, United States
Neri de Barros Almeida, Campinas (São Paulo), Brazil
NERYS Edmonds, Swansea, United Kingdom
Nesrin Algan , Ankara, Turkey
Neville Jackson , Kambah ACT, Australia
Ngozi Margaret Oguguah, Victoria Island, Nigeria
Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Hanoi, Vietnam
Nicholas Clayton, Ravenna, Canada
Nico Chionakis, Montevideo, Uruguay
Nico Kastek, Ottawa, Canada
Nicolás González Martín , Canarias Island, Spain
Nicolas Lefebvre, Charleroi, Belgium
Nicolás Litwin Najles , Madrid, Spain
Nicole Arsenault, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nicole Stenson , Cheltenham , United Kingdom
Nicolin Gabrysch , Germany
Niklas Naumann, Scharnstein, Austria
Nikolina Urbančíková, Medzev, Slovakia
Nil sarrafoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey
Nina Bentzon, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nina Köberl , Salzburg , Austria
Nina Müller, Hollands Kroon, Netherlands
Nina Söderström , Norrtälje , Sweden
Nina Subramani , Chennai , India
Ninel Escobar, México City, Mexico
Nini Shridhar, Issaquah , United States
Noa Peri, Israel
Noa sheinberg, Rehovot, Israel
Nora Dahein, Aachen, Germany
Nora Krajniaková, Bratislava - Nové Mesto, Slovakia
Nora Minuge , Dresden, Germany
Norbert Schier, Witten, Germany
Norbert Wissgott , Zwettl, Austria
Norma Velasco , Monterrey, Mexico
Nuria González Moreno, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Okumura Jun, Nissin City, Japan
Ola Nordstrand, Norrtälje, Sweden
Olga Schwenecke, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany
Oli Henman, Bath, United Kingdom
Oliver Merten, Mannheim , Germany
Oliver Swingler, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Olivia Yates, Auckland, New Zealand
Olivier Gourment, Canada
Olsson Gunilla, Norrtälje, Sweden
Ori Shefer, Tzivon, Israel
Orit Eshel, Berlin , Germany
orly peled, Israel
Oscar Mondragon, Los Angeles, United States
Ousmane NGuer, Saarbrücken , Germany
Owen Jones, Sawtell, Australia
Oygar , İzmir, Turkey
Özge Aydogan , Geneva , Switzerland
Özlem Teke, Tur9
Paddy Jansen, Chesières, Switzerland
Päivi Härkönen , Finland
Päivi Kippo-Edlund, Porvoo, Finland
Pam Atkins, Victoria, Australia
Pamela Barnes, LINLITHGOW, United Kingdom
Paola Longo, Bologna, Italy
Paolo Jacomelli, Arosio, Switzerland
Patricia Angley, Melbourne , Australia
Patricia de Paz Lugo , Dosis
Patrícia Fidrichová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Patricia Scott, Lyttelton, New Zealand
Patrik Gustavsson, Malmö, Sweden
Patrizia Svedberg, Hovmantorp
Patrycja Stefanek, Warszawa, Poland
Patti Wilkins, Ainslie, Australia
Patty, Cádiz , Spain
Paul Glantz, Stockhol., Sweden
Paul Macdonald, Berwick
Paul mcmanus, Nottingham , Global
Paul Virgo, Italy
Paul Worsman, Aldinga, Australia
Paula Cano, Colombia
Paula Kanberg, Stockholm , Sweden
Paula Oliveira , Lisbon , Portugal
Paula Richter, Orhem, Sweden
Paula Solano, Bogota, Colombia
Paula Wilkins, St marys
Paulette Ward , East Haven CT , United States
Pauli Rantala, Helsinki, Finland
Paulina GarcíaVallejo, CDMX Mexico City, Mexico
Paulina GVUrquiza, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Pauline Wilson , Shrewsbury , Global
Paulo Mauricio Guzinski, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Pavel Herich, Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia
Per Ribbing, Knivsta, Sweden
Perla Velazco, Houston,Tx, United States
Pertti Heikkinen, Finland
Peta Mary-Jo Nolan, Sydney, Australia
Peter Drögemeier, Münster, Germany
Peter Enge, Canberra, Australia
Peter Forsberg, Farsta, Sweden
Peter Freiherr von Saß, Gera, Germany
Peter Garbutt, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Peter Hansen, Germany
Peter Kuestler, Warwick , Australia
Peter Lauterbach, Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Peter Lauterbach, 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Peter Newell, LEWES, United Kingdom
Peter Yan, Frisco, United States
Petita Onne, Stockholm, Sweden
Petra Jezekova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Petra Marinová, Bratislava 1 - Staré Mesto, Slovakia
Petra Nielsen, Berlin, Germany
Petra Nöth, Göppingen, Germany
Petra Thomay, Bratislava, Slovakia
Philip Newton, Colchester, United Kingdom
Philip VIRGO, COVENTRY, United Kingdom
Philippa Ross, Waipu, New Zealand
Phurpa Lama, Kathmandu , Nepal
Pi Olsson, Stockholm , Sweden
Pia Hedberg, Järfälla, Sweden
Pia Hertonsson, Malmö, Sweden
Pia Romare, Helsingborg, Sweden
Pierre, Sweden
Piotr Maciejewski, Zadobrze , Poland
Piotr Wanatowicz, Świdnica, Poland
Pippa Allenby, Bristol, United Kingdom
Pita, Torreón Coah, Mexico
PM Thomas, Washington, United States
Polly Orchard, Guernsey
Polly Purvis, Edinburgh , United Kingdom
Pontus Ambros, Uppsala, Sweden
Precious kalombwana , Mumbwa, Zambia
Priscilla Reinauer, Mulfingen, Germany
Priya Bhikha, Auckland, New Zealand
Purnima Joshi, Pune, India
R. G. McLeod, Ottawa, Canada
Rachel , Jerusalem , Israel
Rachel Brabbins, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Rachel Kantor, Missoula, MT, United States
Rachel Ludmer, Kfar Gibton, Israel
Rachel Lynn Shepherd, Chesham, United Kingdom
Radana Hvorecká, Bratislava, Slovakia
Raeeka Yassaie, Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
Ragnhild Larsson , Göteborg, Sweden
Ragnhild Larsson , Göteborg
Raine, Ireland
Rainer Wadewitz, Mainz, Germany
Raj Bali , Bhopal, India
Rajni Kumar , Bangalore, India
Rakhi Das Sinha, Hooghly, India
Ralf Meyer, Göttingen, Germany
Ralph Kruhm, Rheinberg, Germany
Rama Lakshmi Peri, NEW DELHI, India
Ramona Funke, Solna, Sweden
Ran Shinar, Yatzitz, Israel
Randy Brosi, Winnipeg, Canada
Rebecca, Berlin, Germany
Rebecca Bon, Sacramento, California , United States
Rebecca Fullan, Los Angeles, CA , United States
Rebecca Little, Surrey , United Kingdom
Rebecca Wilson, London
Reema Banerjee, Kolkata, India
ReimerBinutz, Badenweiler, Germany
Reinhild Herwartz, 52134, Germany
Reinhilde Spiekermann, ENNS, Austria
Reinhilde Spiekermann, ENNS, Austria
Renate Hoffmann, Aachen, NRW, Germany
Renate Holmes, Dachau, Germany
Renate Schmid, Cologne , Germany
Renate Tran, Zürich, Switzerland
René Granacher, Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany
René WALTER, Vienna , Austria
Rev. Andrew Bear, Salinas, United States
Ria Holmes, Himatangi Beach , New Zealand
Riccardo Fanciola, Locarno, Switzerland
Richard Blakeley, Uplands, United Kingdom
Richard Exell, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Richard Garward, South Melbourne, Australia
Richard J Razo, Chicago, United States
Richard Lawley, Darlington, United Kingdom
Richard Nicholson, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Richard Smith, Richmond, Australia
Rick Sharma, STRABANE, United Kingdom
Riddhi Verma, New Delhi, India
Rita, Bamberg, Germany
Rita Barchetti, Cento (FE), Italy
Rita Kirchner, Saarbrücken , Germany
Rita Mogni , Montevideo , Uruguay
Ritu Banker , Nagpur, Maharashtra , India
Robert Häll, Stockholm, Sweden
Robert Necker, Rax, Austria
Robert Postill, Melbourne, Australia
Robert Smith, Glossop, United Kingdom
Robert West , Bairnsdale , Australia
Robervania Feitosa de Araujo, João Pessoa, Brazil
Robin Close, London, United Kingdom
Robin Taylor, Monticello NY, United States
Robyn Juteram, Wingham, Australia
Robyn Stewart, Lismore , Australia
Rodolfo, Monterrey, Mexico
Rodrigo Santamaría, Salamanca, Spain
Roel Sergeant, Begijnendijk , Belgium
Roger Bydler, Nacka, Sweden
Roisin Shannon, Belfasy, United Kingdom
Roland Heyer , NRW, Germany
Rolf Nilsson , Ytterby , Sweden
Rolf Johansson, Falun, Sweden
Romina Martin, Stockholm, Sweden
Ron Topol, Nes Tsiona, Israel
Ronald Lehndorff, Mainz, Germany
Ronit Ozri, Israel
Ronny Alkanius Källdalen, Falkenberg, Sweden
Rosa Marina Padilla Pérez, Spain
Rosamund WILTON, Bristol, United Kingdom
Rosanna Applin, Cambridge , United Kingdom
Rose Ann Witt, Westlake Village, United States
rosemary decroce, rhode island, United States
Rosetta Rossi, Vigevano, Italy
Rosi, Germany
Rosie Lee, Northern Rivers NSW
Ross Satamera, Windermere , United Kingdom
Rowan Ryrie, United Kingdom
Rozenn Logan, Bristol, United Kingdom
Rudolf Stolte, Sonthofen, Germany
Ruggero Ridolfi, Forli , Italy
Ruhama woolf, Rosh pina, Israel
Runa Ahl, Fröndenberg, Germany
Rune Becker, Saarbruecken, Germany
Rune Kier, Denmark
Ruth Luschnat, Berlin, Germany
Ruth Anyango, Nairobi , Kenya
Ruth Hirst, London, United Kingdom
Ruth Mason, Jerusalem, Israel
Ryan Davison, United Kingdom
Ryan Falck-Jones, Stockholm, Sweden
Sabina Rothe, NRW, Germany
Sabine Blankenstein, Köln, Germany
Sabine Buchmann-Mayer, Ravensburg, Germany
Sabine Fischer , Wuppertal, Germany
Sabine Nagl, Großschönau, Austria
Sabine Payr, Vienna, Austria
Sabine Schönberg-Ehlen, Aachen, Germany
Sabine Viehweger , Unterallgäu , Germany
Sabine von Mering, Wayland, United States
Sabrina Backhaus, Münster , Germany
Sabrina Kohlpoth, Unna, Germany
Sachin Wadhwa, Dehradun, India
Saikou Ak Jallow , Basse Upper River Region , Gambia
Sally Gebbett, Stanthorpe
Sally Gould, Clevedon, United Kingdom
Sam Miyamoto, Burbank, CA, United States
Sam Stacey, United Kingdom
Sam Wannop, Brighton, United Kingdom
Samantha Bray, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Samiksha Acharya, Kolkata, India
Samir Okasha, BRISTOL, United Kingdom
Samita Kaur, Chandigarh , India
Samuel Thacker, Philadelphia, United States
Sandra Masieri, Genova , Italy
Sandra Olivo, Monterrey, Mexico
Sandra Prüfer, Bonn, Germany
Sandra Reischel, Washington DC, United States
Sandra Salas, Bogotá, Colombia
Sandra Schoch, Bregenz, Austria
Sandra Weilnböck, St Martin, Austria
Sangeeta Varma
Sania Rehmani, New Delhi, India
Sanne Wolff-Neumayr, Austria
Santiago A., Bilbao, Spain
Sara Brito, Canary Island, Spain
Sara Campbell, Global
Sara Celiberti, Bologna, Italy
Sara F, Denmark
Sara Jacobson, Stockholm , Sweden
Sara Khojasteh, Hamburg, Germany
Sara Lahtinen, Hässelby, Sweden
Sara Lizell
Sara Metzler González , Spain
Sarah Esposito , Columbus, oh, United States
Sarah French, VANCOUVER, Canada
Sarah Garvey, Leicestershire , United Kingdom
Sarah Jones, Viols le Fort, France
Sarah Macfarlane, Canterbury, New Zealand
Sarah Patel, Ashtead
Sarah Stockwell , Wales , United Kingdom
Sarah Story, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Saraswathy Sadasivan , Chennai , India
Sari Carel, NYC, United States
Sascha Ormanns, Köln, Germany
Sasha Lopez, Nuevo León, Mexico
Saskia Oskam, Utrecht, Netherlands
Schwulst, Leipzig, Germany
Scott Willis, Otepoti Dunedin, New Zealand
Sebastian Beloch, Wesseling, Germany
Sebastian Crankshaw, London, United Kingdom
Selene Martínez Guajardo, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Semakula Abdul Abdul, Kampala, Uganda, Uganda
Shahin Malak, Stocksolm, Sweden
Shannon Beck, Canberra, Australia
Shannon Shea, Rockville, MD, United States
Sharon Gardner , United States
Sharon Longyear, Yorktown Heights, United States
Sharon samuel , Tamilnadu, India
Shawn Thicke , Montreal, Canada
Shayne, Australia
Sheilagh Martin, Terence Bay, Canada
Sherebanu Frosh, Gurugram, India
Shira, Israel
Shira cohen, Haifa, Israel
Shiri Marzel, Ramat gan, Israel
Shirley, Gaborone, Botswana
Shlomit, Ashdod, Israel
Shmuel David, Jerusalem, Israel
Shona McIntosh, Musselburgh
Shunyo Finberg , Brighton , United Kingdom
Sian Phillips, Madrid
Signe Lenz-Somdalen, Fuerth, Germany
Sigrid Kaatz , Berlin , Germany
Silke Zielhofer, Hamburg, Germany
Silver Damsen, Charleston, United States
Sílvia Llorente briones, Catalunya, Global
Silvia Mondino, Venezia, Italy
Silvia Treviño, Nuevo León , Mexico
Simon Brooke, Auchencairn, United Kingdom
Simon Eklund, Örebro , Sweden
Simon Ezike, Enugu, Nigeria
Simon Taylor, London, United Kingdom
Simona Lanzi, San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy
Simone Bergmann , Münster , Germany
Sinead Frizzelle, Dublin, Ireland
Siobhán Costigan, Narungga/Adjahdura Country, Australia
Siri Kühl, Berlin, Germany
Sirpa Pelttari, Helsinki, Finland
Sivan , London, United Kingdom
smadar spector, בת ים, Israel
Smilla Enkvist, Vargön, Sweden
Sofia Askling, Sweden
Sofia Flores Subealdea, Monterrey, Mexico
Sofia Maniatakou , Stockholm , Global
Sofia Manve, Stockholm, Sweden
Sofia Ringertz, Stockholm, Sweden
Sofia Vänelid, Stockholm, Sweden
Soile Ravanti , Stockholm, Sweden
Sollak Noomi, Austria
Sonja Hartmann, Taunusstein, Germany
Sonja Kunz, Köln, Germany
Sonja-Marie Micudaj, Ladbergen, Germany
Sophia, Stockholm, Sweden
Sophia Hagleitner, Hohenems, Austria
Sophie Laniel, Paris, France
Srujan Alva, Bengaluru, India
Stacy Page, United Kingdom
Staffan Eklund, Stockholm , Sweden
Stanislava Majerová, Košice - Staré Mesto, Slovakia
Stanley Herr Hinz, Dresden, Germany
Stefan, Jönköping, Sweden
Stefan Heinz, Weiler bei Bingen, Germany
Stefan Holly, Wien, Austria
Stefan Kaiser, Wiesbaden, Germany
Stefan KORNHÄUSL, Wien, Austria
Stefan Kuster, Recklinghausen , Germany
Stefan Ruedenauer, Weinheim, Germany
Stefan Sander, Erfurt, Germany
Štefan Szabó, Družstevná pri Hornáde, Slovakia
Stefanie Schweer, Everett, United States
Steffen Prowe, Berlin , Germany
Steffen Prowe, Berlin , Germany
Steffen Schwigon, Dresden, Germany
Steffi Suhl, Dunkerque , France
Steinkrauss, Renate, Hamburg, Germany
Stella Bach, Vienna, Austria
Stephan Brodziak, Mexico D.F., Mexico
Stephan Hartmann, Everswinkel, Germany
Stephan Reimann, Göteborg , Sweden
stephan.burgstaller, Vienna
Stephanie Cunningham, Cortona, Italy
Stephanie Rach, Bindlach , Germany
Stephen Axe, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Stephen Jordan-Toll, Maidenhead , United Kingdom
Steve Tooze, South East London, United Kingdom
Stina Söderberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Storm Good, Göteborg, Sweden
stuart riches, Cranfield, United Kingdom
Sue Blythe, GAINESVILLE, United States
Sue Lee-Richards, Huddersfield , United Kingdom
Sue Miller, Bristol, United Kingdom
Sue Miller, Bristol , United Kingdom
Sue Morley, Darlington , United Kingdom
Sue pratt, Melbourne , Australia
Susan Joy Hassol, United States
Susan McCarthy, San Francisco, United States
Susanna Ghahremani, Austria
Susanna Sjödin, Täby, Sweden
Susanna Tunberg, Bagarmossen, Sweden
Susanna Wihlborg, Stockholm
Susanne Bär, Halle/Saale, Germany
Susanne Franke, Dachau , Germany
Susanne Krutz, Hiddenhausen, Germany
Susanne Mullis, Bern, Switzerland
Susanne Nasfi, Dinslaken, Germany
Susanne Walter, Bonn, Germany
Susanne Weyrich-Fischer, Frankfurt , Germany
Susie Heap, London , United Kingdom
Sussie Berglund, Stockholm, Sweden
Suvi Laukkanen, Helsinki, Finland
Suzanne , Stockholm , Sweden
Suzanne Faulkner, Devon, United Kingdom
Suzanne Moody, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sveinung Fagerli Susort, Svorkmo, Norway
Sven Pretzlaff, Heidelberg
Sven Sander, Leimen, Germany
Svenja Schroerschwarz, Hannover , Germany
SVENJA Unsöld, Tübingen, Germany
Svenja Winkler, Herford, Germany
Sylva Lauto, Tübingen, Germany
Sylwia Rolla, Włoszakowice, Poland
Talina magana, Cdmx, Mexico
Tamar Meshulam , Israel
Tamar Schoenberg, Brooklyn, United States
Tammy King, Gardner, United States
Tania Lewis, Wales, United Kingdom
Tania Palhares, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Tania Sveistrup, Cornwall, Canada
Tara Carey, LONDON, United Kingdom
Tatjana Rundesová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Teresa Algård, Uppsala, Sweden
Teresa Elguera, Brooklyn, United States
Teresa Ruiz González, Canarias, Spain
Terese Nilsson, Falun, Sweden
Terézia Seresová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Theres Tjärnberg , Stockholm , Sweden
Thomas Berger, Hamburg, Germany
Thomas Bischoff, Düsseldorf, Germany
Thomas Cerny, Vienna, Austria
Thomas Feuchtenberger, Nürnberg , Germany
Thomas Gerber, Emmendingen, Germany
Thomas Heinrich-Linke, Oderwitz, Germany
Thomas Lanz, 29456 Hitzacker, Germany
Thomas Stegh, Köln, Germany
Thomas Zander, Bonn, Germany
Thorsten Barth, Ober-Mörlen, Germany
Till John Wagner, Switzerland
Tim Florian Hinz, Bremen, Germany
Tim Werner, Hamm, Germany
Timothy Madhukar, Chennai, India
Tina Höke, Berlin, Germany
Tina Kolhammar, Åled, Sweden
Tina Leisch, Wien, Austria
Tina Solinas, United States
Tina Teearu, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
Tineska Carlesson Magalhães, GÖTEBORG, Sweden
Tino Pfaff, Weimar/Thuringia, Germany
Tiziana Caricato, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tobias Obenland , Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Todd Szoka, Connecticut, United States
Tom Dowling, WA, Australia
Tom Vermolen, Breda, Netherlands
Toni Borrett , Bittern Vic, Australia
Tony Johnson, Banchory, United Kingdom
Tony Nyström, Sweden
Tony Schultz , Brisbane , Australia
Tony Warne, CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom
Torbjörn Karlsson, Trollhättan, Sweden
Torbjörn Karlsson, Trollhättan, Sweden
Torsten Därr, Leipzig, Germany
Toussaint Balumuene Lukoki, Congo - Kinshasa
Tove Lagerqvist, Bagarmossen, Sweden
Tracey Shipley, Jerusalem , Israel
Tülin Mor-Janes, Muğla, Turkey
Tuvia Bondi, Israel
Udegbunam Rita Ijeoma, Nsukka, Nigeria
Udo Walther, Aachen, Germany
Ulisses de Brito e Cunha Guzinski, Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil
Ulla Bertling, Stockholm, Sweden
Ulla Brunø, Stockholm , Sweden
Ulla Gummesson, Växjö, Sweden
Ulla Kellerwessel, Cologne, Germany
Ulla Risling, Stockholm
Ulla Tengblad, Uppsala, Sweden
Ulrika , Sweden
Ulrika Olsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Ulrike Hübner, Bremen, Germany
Ulrike Kleindienst, Karlstein, Global
Ulrike Majewski, Berlin
Ulrike Osman-Christen, Lippstadt, Germany
Urooj Bisma, Karachi, Pakistan , Pakistan
Urpo Taskinen, VITTANGI, Sweden
Ursula Hogben, Mosman, Australia
Ursula Schorr, Waldenbuch, Germany
Uta Kerckhoff, Münster, Germany
Ute Dalluhn, Hannover, Germany
Ute Zielhofer, Fulda, Germany
Uwe Brustmeier, Gummersbach, Germany
Valerie Lum, United Kingdom
Valerie Peer, Austria
Vanessa Ferreira, Brazil
Vanessa Larsson, Torslanda, Sweden
Velia Pérez López, CDMX, Mexico
Veronica Arrese, Monterrey, Mexico
Veronica Guilfoyle, Yorkshire , United Kingdom
Veronica Slaviero, Granada, Spain
Veronika Deuerling-Horvath, Wien, Austria
Veronika Dlouhá , Germany
Veronika Pruzincova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Vicente Hernández , Tenerife, Canarias Islands, Spain
Vicky Colomer, Islas Canarias, Spain
Vicky Ivison, Mexico
Vicky King, London
vicky mum, grandmum,great grandmum, pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
Victoria Armstrong, United Kingdom
Victoria Janson, NorrtÄlje
Viera Kastilova Tonkova, Bratislava
Vijay Vikram Regunathan, Kolkata, India
vikas , NEW DELHI CAPITAL , India
Viktoria Flodström, Malmö, Sweden
Viktoria Spaiser, Leeds, United Kingdom
Viola Stocker, Schopfheim, Germany
Virginia Cutler, Zionsville, United States
Vlasta Gubášová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Volker Constien, Lüneburg, Germany
Wadï Mami, Tunis, Tunisia
Wallraff Daniel, Vettweiß, Germany
Walter Albrecht, Wien, Austria
Walter Albrecht, Wien, Austria
Walter Lechner , Germany
Ward Wijndelts, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands
Werner Becker , Dresden , Germany
Werner Labisch, Brandenburg, Germany
Werner Löcher-Lawrence , Munich , Germany
Wilhelm Habighorst, Melle, Germany
Wilhelm Kulke, Hannover, Germany
William David McFall, Parkes, Australia
Wilma Hendriks, St Pauls Bay, Malta
Wincenty "Vince" Pawlowski, Tucson, United States
Wolf-Christian Hingst, Wiesenburg, Germany
Wolfgang Haas, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Wolfgang von Fritsch, Oldenburg, Germany
Wolfram Weimar, Schleswig Holstein , Germany
Ximena Secaida, Guatemala city, Guatemala
Xosé Veiras García, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Yaarit Raz, Gilon, Israel
Yael Liebi-Finberg, Kiryat Tivon, Israel
Yamandu Pagliano, Montevideo, Uruguay
Yanir Davidzada, Binyamina , Israel
Yasemin Sayibas Akyuz, Bodrum, Turkey
Ylva Höglund, SaltsjÖ-boo
Yuval Mishory, Kfar-Saba, Israel
Yvonne, Berlin, Germany
Yvonne Lutz , Remshalden, Germany
Yvonne Weischenberg , Essen, Germany
Yvonne Zimmermann, Kerpen, Germany
Zaneta Kosiba-Vargas, Eugene, United States
Zimmermann, Germany
Zuzana Fabian, Bratislava, Slovakia
בשן הדס, Israel
יערה גבורי, Galily, Israel