Letter to EU Institutions

Dear European Council President Charles Michel, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Parliament David Sassoli,


We, Parents For Future in Europe, supported by parents from all over the world, believe that, at this historical moment where democracy and internationalism are at threat, the EU institutions are uniquely positioned to take global leadership on implementing a courageous and decisive strategy for the climate and ecological transition.

Parents For Future is a grassroots global network of parent-climate activists inspired by the Fridays For Future movement. The climate crisis is an issue of intergenerational justice and we collaborate closely with youth climate activists, supporting their demands. Driven by the common concern for the wellbeing of our children and future generations, we envision a healthy planet where all communities live in harmony with each other and nature. This parental voice needs to be heard in international policy fora.

Our children and future generations are facing an uncertain future due to the climate crisis and accelerating biodiversity loss. The COVID 19 crisis has exposed the dangerous fragility of global socio-economic systems, particularly in the context of a rapidly depleting ecosphere. Our socio-economic system must take a leap forward towards resiliency and sustainability.

We are keenly aware that the EU is about to spend significant public financial resources that will become the debt of our children and that this burden is added to the unspeakably massive environmental debt we leave them. We believe that how the money is spent is key, it should represent an investment rather than another cost to our children’s future.

As the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, has expressed, the €750 billion Recovery Fund and all other stimulus-coordinated efforts represent a singular opportunity for a new development path. We recall that the UN Agenda 2030 makes it clear that institutions are one of the core foundations for sustainability and equity.

We appeal to you to consider the fundamental role you play in our children’s future. A visionary green Recovery Fund will send a clear policy signal not only to European but Global markets. As the world’s second largest market, the European Union is not only in a unique position to take Global Leadership but has a moral imperative to do so.

We request the European Parliament, our elected representatives, to advocate that the European Council adopts courageous, transformative policy guidelines for the Recovery Funding instruments being ratified. Such leadership needs to be expressed through unity of intent, and true independent, future oriented political vision, taking into full consideration the voice that our youth has expressed in the climate movement for nearly two years. We believe that global leadership supporting equitable and sustainable development is possible and is a responsibility the EU institutions have to their citizens.

We are at a crossroads and the road you choose will determine whether or not our children will enjoy a quality of life when life itself is at stake.

Europe, 2020-06-12


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The letter was signed by the following groups and organisations


Number of parents-groups that have signed the letter: 176


Parents For Future Global
XR families global


Parents for Future Argentina


Australian Parents for Climate Action
Extinction Rebellion Families SEQ


ParentsForFuture Austria
Parents for Future Baden
Parents for future Waldviertel
Parents for Future Tirol
ParentsForFuture Klosterneuburg
PFF Leibnitz
Parents For Future Oberösterreich
Parents for future St.Valentin
Parents For Future Südburgenland
Parents For Future Vienna
ParentsForFuture Vorarlberg


Grands Parents pour le Climat Belgique fr
Rise for climate Belgium


Familias pelo Clima


Pour nos enfants / For Our Kids - Montreal
Parents pour le climat Québec


Mothers Rise Up Cyprus

Czech republic

Parents for future, Česká republika
Rodiče za klima Liberec
PFF, Pelhřimov
Extinction Rebellion rodiče CZE
P4F Semily


Parents for Future Denmark


Parents pour le climat
Unis pour le climat et la biodiversité


Parents for Future Germany
Pädagogen For Future
Parents for Future Bamberg
Parents for Future Barnim
Parents For Future Bensheim
Parents For Future Berlin
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Parents for Future Bremen
Patents For Future Bruchsal
People For Future Dachau
Parents For Future Darmstadt
Parents For Future Deggendorf
Parents For Future Dinslaken
Parents for Future Dortmund
ParentsForFuture Germany Erlangen
Parents for Future Essen
Parents for Future Euskirchen
Christian4Future Frankfurt
People4Future Frankfurt am Main
People for future Gelnhausen
Parents For Future Göppingen
Parents for Future Göttingen
P4F Gütersloh
P4F Hagen
Parents for Future Hamburg
Parents For Future Hannover
Parents for Future Haßfurt
Parents for Future Herford
Parents4Future Hildesheim
PFF Hochtaunuskreis
Grandparents im Umweltschutzverein Isernhagen und Umgebung
ParentsForFuture Jena
Parents For Future Karlsruhe
Parents for Future Kassel
People For Future Kiel
Parents for Future Koeln
Parents for Future Konstanz
Parents For Future Leipzig
Adults for Future LEV
Parents for Future Lübeck
Parents For Future Mainz
Parents for Future Marktoberdorf
Parents For Future München
Christians For Future Germany
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Parentsforfuture Schwäbisch Hall
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Parents for Future Sinsheim
Parents for Future Ubstadt-Weiher
Parents for Future Uelzen
Parent for Future Witten
Parents for Future Wuppertal
Parents for Future Würzburg


Parents for Climate Israel
Parents for Climate - Kiryat Tivon
Parents for Climate - Ness Ziona
Parents For Climate - Tel Aviv & Jaffa


Extinction Rebellion Families Italia
Parents for future Arezzo
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Parents For Future Castelfranco Emilia
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Grootouders voor het Klimaat

New Zealand

Millions of Mothers


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Stop Ecocide


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Rodzice dla Klimatu
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Parents For Future Portugal
Parents for Future Bragança
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Parents for Future Palmela
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Parents For Future Porto


Znepokojene matky


Madres por el Clima
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Asociación Región de Murcia Limpia
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XR Oxford Family Group
Parents For Future Sunderland


The Parents' Climate Community
350Brooklyn Families
Parents for Future NC
Climate Dads
Climate Action Families

Supporting groups

We thank the spontaneous declarations of support that have been announced, by groups that include many parents and work for the same cause:
Number of Supporting groups that have signed the letter: 20


Scientists 4 Future International
Earth Day Network
We Don’t Have Time


Fridays for Future Australia


Managers For Future


Elders for Environmental Justice, Montreal

Czech republic

Doctors for future




Citoyens pour le Climat


Teachers For Future
Koelle for Future
Teachers For Future Köln
Neubiberg for future / AK Klimaschutz
TeachersForFuture Wuppertal


Active Citizens Together For Sustanability


Elders for Earth


Não Há Planeta B.eja
Climate Justice LX
Scientists 4 Future Portugal


Fridays For Future Romania