#EndFossilFuels - Parents Call for a Fossil Fuel Treaty

Woman with child in her arms and with the text Because we Love our children
Parents For Future Global, as a diverse network of international climate parent groups, has united their voices to end fossil fuels and is demanding a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is a concrete plan to reduce emissions at a global level. The window of opportunity to prevent worst climate disasters is rapidly closing, please join our call and sign our letter:

Parents call for the end of the fossil fuel era to give children a livable planet


As parents, grandparents and carers from across the globe, we are calling on governments to negotiate, adopt and implement a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, for the sake of the children we love.

We bring our children into this world, helping them learn to walk, to talk, and we teach them about the wonder of all that is around them. Many of our children are still too small to know the state of the planet we are handing to them, or what the climate catastrophe will mean in their lifetimes.

But we know. And as parents, we cannot remain silent as the fossil fuel industry and world leaders rob our children of a livable future.

Fossil fuels are the source of 86% of CO2 emissions that cause climate change. Our fossil fuel addiction means children in every country around the world are breathing toxic air, while storms and heat waves hit with increased severity and frequency.

World leaders know and even give speeches about how the climate crisis is already here and worsening. They acknowledge that sea levels are rising, and those who are most vulnerable and least responsible for the crisis are suffering the most, especially in the Global South.

And yet the fossil fuel juggernaut continues on like a runaway train with our children’s futures on the track.

We are set to produce twice as much coal, oil and gas as what is compatible with global climate goals. Our leaders talk about climate commitments, whilst they approve and subsidise fossil fuel projects with our money. We wonder how they have the strength to look today’s children in the eye.

As we put our children to sleep each night we tell them stories, and hug them tight. But the story they face when they wake needs to change before it is too late.

We need a new story, a new chapter for our children. This is why we are joining a growing call on governments to urgently commence negotiations to develop and implement a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, laying out a binding global plan to:

  1. End expansion of any new coal, oil or gas production in line with the best available science as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the United Nations Environment Programme;
  2. Phase-out existing production of fossil fuels in a manner that is fair and equitable, taking into account the respective dependency of countries on fossil fuels and their capacity to transition;
  3. Ensure a global just transition to 100% access to renewable energy globally, support dependent economies to diversify away from fossil fuels, and enable all people and communities, not least the Global South, to flourish.

Our children deserve a better, equitable world. A safe place to learn, play and live. One where they can dream big and hope for the future. A world where they can breathe clean air and drink clean water. Where energy is clean, accessible and secure. And where Indigenous lands and wisdom are valued and respected, and we live in balance with nature.

We love our children and would do anything to protect them. We refuse to hand them a broken and dangerous world. A clear, global plan to phase out fossil fuels is the first part of a better story for all children, and future generations. Governments must make it happen now, for our children’s sake.


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Signatories calling for the end of the fossil fuel era.

3199 persons have signed the letter.

A. Segelken, Berlin, Germany
Aaron Cozen, Santa Cruz, CA, United States
Aase Vestergaard, Northern Jutland, Denmark
Abbey, Perth, Australia
Adam , Australia
Adam Chisum Reese, Seattle, WA, United States
Adam Connaughton, Dublin, Ireland
Adam W Barney, Boston, MA, United States
Aden Crocker, Brisbane , Australia
Adnan Kokud, Kitzingen, Bayern, Germany
Adolfo Gallego, Navarra, Spain
Adriana Rizzi, Stockholm, Sweden
Adriana Rodríguez Izábal , San pedro garza hacia n l , Mexico
Adrianna, Żnin, Poland
Agata Kreska , Wrocław , Poland
Agata Lewandowska, Gdynia, Poland
Agnes Imgart, Oldenburg , Germany
Agnes Nissen, STOCKHOLM , Sweden
Agnieszka , Opole, Poland
Agnieszka Liszewska, Warszawa, Poland
Ahrens, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany
Aislinn Hayes, Dublin, Ireland
Ala Alexandrov , Bristol, United Kingdom
Alan Brennan, Global
Alan Peevers, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Alanna Casaclang, Sydney, Australia
Alatz, Navarra, País Vasco, Spain
Alberta , Bologna, Italy
Alcides Barbosa , Guimarães , Portugal
Alda La Rosa , ITALIA
Alejandra Castañeda, Monterrey , Mexico
Alejandra Guajardo , Lima, Peru
Alejandra Ibarra , Puebla, Mexico
Alejandra Macalli , Monterrey , Mexico
Alejandro Florenzano, Chiguayante, Chile
Aleksander Kwiatkowski, Poznań, Poland
Aleksandra, Cracow, Poland
Aleksandra Wojnowska, Wrocław, Poland
Alena Kozlayova, Kosice, Slovakia
Alessandra Corradi, Verona, Italy
Alessandro Ronchi, Forli, Italy
Alex Lieb, Victoria, Australia
Alex Madgwick, United Kingdom
Alexander Obersht, Moscow, Russia
Alexander Schönfeld, NRW, Germany
Alexander Vishnevsky , Pennsylvania , United States
Alexandra Bukovcanova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Alexandra Gabrizova, Bratislava
Alexandra Sponring, Tirol, Austria
Alf Bergstrand, Uppsala, Sweden
Alfonso Duéñez, Monterrey, Nuevo León , Mexico
Alfred Weinberg, Köln, Germany
Ali Ekber Pekşen, Muğla
Ali Rosen , Hampshire , United Kingdom
Alice Dalmaso, SÃo Paulo
Alice Marshall, Berlin, Germany
Alice Schmidt-May, Handen, Sweden
Alice Werner , Germany
Alicia Hall, Wellington, New Zealand
Alicia Hrico, Marysville, United States
Alicja, Kraków, Poland
Alicja Goc, Kraków, Poland
Alicja Lisiak, Kielce, Poland
Alimamy Sarafila Marah, Makeni, Northern Region, Sierra Leone
Alina Forsell, Sweden
Aline Anckarman, Sweden
Alison Day, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Alison Micklem, Varese, Italy
Alison Prescott, Bristol, United Kingdom
Alison Russell , United Kingdom
Aliyah Levestam, Zeehan, Australia
Allan Sousa, Almada, Portugal
Allison MacMunn, chicago, United States
Almagro Sonia, Chilly-Mazarin , France
Amadi, Gloria Ekenedilichukwu, Enugu, Nigeria
Amanda Lake, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Amanda Sedgwick, Bromma, Sweden
Amandine Alexandre, London , United Kingdom
Amelia Ramirez de Bylund, Stockholm, Sweden
Amy Harris, Bristol, United Kingdom
Amy Jowers Blain, Canberra, Australia
Amy Kuenker, Southern Pines , NC, United States
Amy Lykins, New South Wales, Australia
Amy Reeves , Newcastle , Australia
Ana, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ana Catarina Santilli, SANTO ANDRE, Brazil
Ana Cristina Revelo , Bogotá , Colombia
Ana Lilia Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Ana Mahecha, Bogotá , Colombia
Ana Maria Ancines, Colombia
Ana María Moreno Valero , Puerto de la Cruz, Spain
Ana Ruiz Martínez, Valencia, Spain
Ana Saldanha, Portugal
Ana Santamaria, Monterrey, Mexico
Ana Sofía Suarez , Tepoztlán , Mexico
Ana Teresa Flores Morton, Monterrey, Mexico
Ana Yael Vanoye García, Monterrey
Anders Bäcklund, Vännäs, Sweden
Anders Jacobson , Stockholm
Anders Samuelsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Anders Sjöberg, Strömsnäsbruk
Anders Thornström , Norrtälje , Sweden
Andre Schulz, Berlin, Germany
André Schwenecke, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany
Andrea Beerli, Hannover, Germany
Andrea Burkhardt, Köln, Germany
Andrea Di Turi, Milan, Italy
Andrea Geitner, Bayern, Germany
Andrea Gidden, Belfort, France
Andrea Kampelmühler, Vienna, Austria
Andrea Miyagawa-Török , Wien, Austria
Andrea Ramos, Monterrey , Mexico
Andrea Rückert, München, Germany
Andrea Szekeres-Haldimann , Basel, Switzerland
Andrea Vanzelli, São Paulo, Brazil
Andreas Bohmann, Berlin, Germany
Andreas Geschuhn, Köln, Germany
Andreas Günzel, Nürnberg, Germany
Andreas Hlasseck, Gelnhausen, Germany
Andreia Pisco, Portugal
Andrew Baird, Wellington, New Zealand
Andrew F Best, PICTON, 2571, NSW, Australia
Andrew Harmsworth, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Andrew R, Kent, United Kingdom
Andrew Watson, GUILDFORD, United Kingdom
Andy Robinson , Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Anett Wolf, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Anette Hamich, Sweden
Anette Klee, Gütersloh, Germany
Anette Múzquiz , Monterrey , Mexico
Anette Olovborn, Älvsjö, Sweden
Angela Bruckner, Coldstream, Australia
Angela Deyerling , Würzburg , Germany
Angela Haury, Freiburg, Germany
Angela Sabatino , Parona Lomellina , Italy
Angela Stevenson, Pino Torinese, Italy
Angelika , Poland
Angelika Stuebner, Oberursel, Germany
Angelika Weber, Donzdorf, Germany
Angi Strafford, Leeds, United Kingdom
Anita Bagdi, Dorset, United Kingdom
Anita Sowińska, Łódź, Poland
Anja Bucher, Kirchheim Unter Teck, Germany
Anja Ehrecke , Germany
Anja Freiwald, Berlin, Germany
Anja Helmbrecht , Landshut , Germany
Anja Henkel, Bonn, Germany
Anja Kreitmeyer, Düsseldorf , Germany
Anja Lude, Potsdam, Germany
Anja Mondragon, Calabardina, Spain
Anja Sahrhage, Bielefeld, Germany
Anke Hofmann, Germany
Anke Konietzny, Düsseldorf, Germany
Anke Kupka, Rheda-Wiedenbrück , Germany
Anke Lindemann , Rheda-Wiedenbrück , Germany
Anke Maubach, Nürnberg, Germany
Anke Tollkühn, Geestland-Neuenwalde, Germany
Anke Tscheulin, Germany
Ankit Kumar, Bihar, India
Ann, Bristol, United Kingdom
Ann Bengtsson, Norrtälje , Sweden
Ann Grace Akiteng, Kaberamaido - Eastern Uganda, Uganda
Ann Rapp, Waldkirchen, Germany
Ann-Lis Svensson, Global
Anna, Unisław, Poland
Anna , Kraków, Poland
Anna Benuzzi, Modena, Italy
Anna Collar, United Kingdom
Anna Davidsson, Sweden
ANNA DI STEFANO , Bologna , Italy
Anna French, Bedford, United Kingdom
Anna Galabova, Sofia, Bulgaria
Anna Grönberg, Stockholm
Anna Houghton, Bristol, United Kingdom
Anna Humlesjö Marklund, Norrtälje, Sweden
Anna Koponen, Helsinki, Finland
Anna Kraft, Järna
Anna Le touze, London
Anna Linell, Sweden
Anna Lycett, Kingsville , Australia
Anna McGuire, Brassington, United Kingdom
Anna Melkersson , Stockholm, Sweden
Anna Michalewska-Szubert, Wrocław
Anna Myers, London
Anna Nightingale, London , United Kingdom
Anna Nordberg, Stockholm
Anna Ridell, Sweden
Anna Schick, München, Germany
Anna Sołtysiak , Wrocław , Poland
Anna Termine, Stockholm, Sweden
Anna Valdez, Vendelsö, Sweden
Anna Wallén, Stockholm
Anna Wolińska, Poland
Anna Zimmer, Köln, Germany
Anna-Lena Edlund, Bromma, Sweden
Anna-Maria Klein, Offenbach
Anna-Mia Widengren , Umeå , Sweden
Annacarin Leufstedt , Karlskrona , Sweden
Annalisa Addis , Italy
Anne Coates , Rotherham , United Kingdom
Anne Halldin, Kolbäck, Sweden
Anne Keary, Toronto, Canada
Anne Löfgren, Stockholm , Sweden
Anne Newball Duke, Esslingen, Germany
Anne Peterson , Munich , Germany
Anne Räsänen, Finland
Anne Rummenie, Münster, Germany
Anne Vogdt, Berlin, Germany
Anne von Heideman, Uppsala, Sweden
Annette, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Annette Rottmann, Dresden, Germany
Annette Sander, Alsfeld, Germany
Annie Close, Canberra, Australia
Annie Gordon , Christchurch, New Zealand
Annie Lynn, Glenside, United States
Annie Mattsson, Uppsala, Sweden
Annie Wahlund, Sweden
Annika Modig, MÖlndal
Anoushka Huntington-Bowles, London, United Kingdom
Ansgar Enderlein, Groß Rönnau
Anshul Gupta, Valhalla, United States
Antje Pobloth, Wedemark, Region Hannover, Germany
Antje Wilkens, Achim, Germany
Antoine Thalmann, Lausanne, Switzerland
Antonia Vantighem, Frankfurt, Germany
Antonio , Grand Buenos Aires, Argentina
Antonio Hernández Ramírez , Monterrey , Mexico
Anuja Bali , India
Anuja Bali , Pune, India
Anuradha Vittachi, Chinnor, United Kingdom
April Elizabeth Jones, Oxford, United Kingdom
Araceli Reymundo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Arantza Zugasti, Torreon, Mexico
Ariane Wilkinson, Queensland, Australia, Australia
Ariella Cook, United States
Armando Arcaute, Monterrey, Mexico
Armin Neuschäfer , Wuppertal , Germany
Arne Schulte, Unna, Germany
Arnold Jeppsson, Saltsjöboo
Artur Wozniak-Feldmeier , Germany
ARUSI Jérémy, GOMA, Congo - Kinshasa
Arzu Fritz, Stuttgart , Germany
Åsa, Stockholm, Sweden
Åsa Björkeström, Göteborg, Sweden
Åsa Jansson, Göteborg, Sweden
Åsa Kasimir , Alafors , Sweden
Åsa S Sohlman, Stockholm, Sweden
Åsa Sohlgren, Vällingby, Sweden
Åse Ängsved , Avesta , Sweden
Åse Ängsved , Avesta , Sweden
Ashley Grace, LOUISVILLE, United States
Ashley Kourey, United States
Asphodel Denning, United Kingdom
Asta H Petursdottir, Iceland
Astrid Andersson, Malmö, Sweden
Astrid Gieske, Göttingen, Germany
Astrid Puentes Riaño , Mexico City , Mexico
Athena Productions, Inc., Nashville, TN, United States
Augusto Pirovano, Milano, Italy
Aurelia , Cape Town , South Africa
avi sato, St Johns, Canada
Axel Erdmann, Marburg, Germany
Aydah Akao, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Babu Rao Kalapala, SECUNDRABAD, India
Bahram Ghahremani, Austria
Bam Björling, Torshälla, Sweden
Banu Kanıbelli, Istanbul, Turkey
Banu Ugural, Istanbul , Turkey
Baratti luigi, Vigevano, Italy
Barbara Contin , Piemonte , Italy
Barbara Ewing, Cape Town , South Africa
Barbara Ingrid Kreutz, München, Germany
Barbara Simmler, Berlin, Germany
Barbara Zampa, Genova, Italy
Barbora Gabrižová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Barbro Berg, Stockholm, Sweden
Barry Cusack, Bingley, United Kingdom
Bastiaan van der Broek, Utrecht, Netherlands
Bastian Brinkmann, Bielefeld , Germany
Bays serge, Kisumu, Kenya
Bea Reijneveld , Syros Greece
Beate Merkel, München
Beaulah Pragg, Christchurch, New Zealand
Bella Thunell , Värmland , Sweden
Ben Tallon, Salisbury, United Kingdom
Ben Vost, Bordeaux, France
Benedict Cronin, Surrey , United Kingdom
Bernd Pöhler, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Bernd Sehnke, Graben-Neudorf
Bernhard Fritz , Feldkirch , Austria
Bernhard Haas, Gablitz, Austria
Bernold Reimers , Neukirchen-Vluyn , Germany
Bero Souris, Neuss, Germany
Bertha salazar, Monterrey, Mexico
Beth Nash Dacus, Saint Augustine, Florida, United States
Bettina Lenz , Oldenburg , Germany
Bhavreen Kandhari , New Delhi , India
Bianca Cristina Bon Bornschlegell, Dourados, Brazil
Bianca Sands, Hervey Bay, Australia
Bill McGuire, Brassington, United Kingdom
Birgit Fullerton, Vaterstetten, Germany
Birgit Jandok, Kiel
Birgit Köhler, Berlin, Germany
Birgitta Björkman Falk, Göteborg, Sweden
Birgitta Bolinder, Stockholm, Sweden
Birte Boekel, Kiel , Germany
Blanca Granados, Monterrey, Mexico
Bo Franzén, Nacka, Sweden
Bodil Nissen, Gadstrup, Denmark
Borowska Malgorzata, Warsaw, Poland
Brenda Arevalo, Mexico
Brenda Choi, Las Vegas, United States
Brenda Choi, Las Vegas, United States
Brenda Choi, Las Vegas, United States
Bridget Higginson , Abergavenny , United Kingdom
Briege George, Dublin, Ireland
Brigitte Brunner Mahringer, Freistadt, Austria
Brigitte Bruschwitz, Berlin, Germany
Britt Andresen, Malmö, Sweden
Britta Beyersdorf, Gehrden, Lower Saxony
Britta de Camp-Zang, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany
Britta Verlinden, Köln, Germany
Bruce Mitchell, Inverness, United Kingdom
Bryony Jackson, Crewe, United Kingdom
Bryony Jansen - van Tuyll, Chesieres, Switzerland
Burak Bilgili, Turkey
Burkhard Neimeier, Dülmen, Germany
Busso von Mueller, Berlin, Global
Bylund Sten-Ivan, SkarpnÄck, Sweden
C KRISHNAGOPAL , Coimbatore , India
C. Schulz, Baden-Baden , Germany
Camila Emanuelle Mendonça Viana, Jaguaruana, Brazil
Camilla Frosterud, KALMAR, Sweden
Camilla Roll, Stockholm, Sweden
Carina , Stockholm, Sweden
Carina Große-Venhaus, Germany
Carina Palsson, Kalmar , Sweden
Carl-Göran Saxerbo , Halmstad, Sweden
Carla Fernanda Castro Moreira , Maia, Portugal
Carla Franco Ferreira, Lisboa, Portugal
Carla Pascoe Leahy, Victoria , Australia
Carlene Gardner, New York, United States
Carlos Linares, San Juan De La RAMBLA, Spain
Carmel Horowitz, Haifa, Israel
Carmit Netanel , Gezer, Israel
Carola M. Rach, Frankfurt , Germany
Carola Schönfeld, NRW Ratingen , Germany
Carolin Arévalo , Dortmund , Germany
Carolin Fondis, Köln, Germany
Carolin Wohlgemuth, Bremen, Germany
Carolina Hernández , Monterrey , Mexico
Carolina Ludvigsson, Umeå, Sweden
CAROLINA MARTINEZ R, Bogotá , Colombia
Carolina Navas, Nuevo leon, Mexico
Carolina San Leandro, Madrid, Spain
Caroline Bond, Brisbane, Australia
Caroline Cotton, West Sussex , United Kingdom
Caroline Ford, Norrtälje, Sweden
Caroline Hiller, Berlin, Germany
Caroline Snow, Totnes, United Kingdom
Caroline Twigg, Bristol, United Kingdom
Caroline Vincent, London UK
Carsten Wagner, Berlin, Germany
Casey Lochead, Dunedin, New Zealand
Cassiana Buosi, São Paulo, Brazil
Cath Attlee, London, United Kingdom
Catherine Burton, MATLOCK, United Kingdom
Catherine Carey, London, United Kingdom
Catherine Dawson, Devizes, United Kingdom
Catherine Ha, Ile de France , France
Catherine Large, Leitrim , Ireland
Catherine Stevenson, Italy
Cathy Crowther, NE66 3QD, United Kingdom
Catrin Gustavsson, Sweden
Cecilia , Kalmar , Sweden
Cecilia Emanuelsson , Lund , Sweden
Cecilia Hamilton , Solna, Sweden
Cecilia Lara Celestino, Monterrey, Mexico
Cecilia Modigh, Västra götalandsregionen
cedd burge, London, United Kingdom
Célia Mendes , Santarém , Portugal
Chance , Goma, Congo - Kinshasa
Chandler Prall, AURORA, United States
Chandra Bocci, BROOKLYN, United States
Chantall Nickin, Nuevo León , Mexico
Charlie Schwarz, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Charlotta Andersson Sandberg, Ullared, Sweden
Charlotta Ekengren , Stockholm , Sweden
Charlotta Johansson, Skarpnäck, Sweden
charlotte kate Lucas, Radstock, United Kingdom
Charmian Beabout, Brisbane, Australia
Cheryl, Toowoomba, Australia
Cheryl Eilinger, Zurich, Switzerland
Chiemezie Atama, Nsukka, Enugu State
Chloe, Global
Chloe Naldrett, Bristol, United Kingdom
Chmielecka Monika, Gdańsk, Poland
Chris Austin, KEMPSEY, Australia
Chris Brosch, Melbourne, Australia
Chris Hutchings, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chris Philpott , Leamington spa, Global
Chris Steenbergen, Königswinter, Bolivia
Christa Kleiner, Vienna, Austria
Christel Stoltz, Sweden
Christer Frinäs, Lyckeby, Sweden
Christer Frinäs, Blekinge, Sweden
Christer Granstrom, Umea, Sweden
Christer Johansson, Knivsta, Sweden
Christer Langseth, Stockholm, Sweden
Christian Bradatsch , Leipzig , Germany
Christian Mata, Wien, Austria
Christian Oberlechner, Waldenstein, Austria
Christian Schmeer, Jena, Germany
Christian Tieber, 8081 Empersdorf, Austria
Christian Woehrl, Hoisdorf, Germany
Christian Zauner, Vienna, Austria
Christiane Fürnkranz, Stockholm , Sweden
Christiane Gregor, Essen, Germany
Christina Alm Norberg, Norrtälje, Sweden
Christina Barlow, GRANGE-OVER-SANDS, United Kingdom
Christina Häckner, Stockholm, Sweden
Christina Hough, Sydney, Australia
Christina Kölking, Germany
Christina Morin , Luleå, Sweden
Christina Rupp, Bergkirchen , Germany
Christina Scazighino, Grimsby, Canada
Christina Vollmer, Bielefeld, Germany
Christine Bertlin, Älvsjö, Sweden
Christine Caillaud, Buttigliera Alta , Italy
Christine Galavotti, Seattle , United States
Christine Micah, Berwick, Australia
Christine Rios, Connecticut , United States
Christine Stanton, Tinonee, Australia
Christine Strathmann , Münster
Christine Tischer, Germany
Christine Vickers, Coventry, United Kingdom
Christine Wilhelm, Röhrmoos, Germany
Christoph Taeuber, Wien, Austria
Christopher J.A. Coutinho, Nairobi, Kenya
Ciara Guerrero, Colorado Springs, United States
Cilla Holm, Sweden
Cinzia Tirrito, Pavia, Italy
Claire Arthur-Lusby, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Claire Knowles, Warwickshire , United Kingdom
Claire Kraatz, Calgary, Canada
Claire Mason , Wellington , New Zealand
Claire MORAN, Montréal, Canada
Clara Eriksson, Gotland , Sweden
Clara Seitz, Vernate, Switzerland
Clare Johnson, Brooklyn
Clare Slater, Northampton, United Kingdom
Clare Smith, Hobart, Australia
Clare Snowdon, Twickenham, United Kingdom
Claudia, Bayern, Germany
Claudia Campero, CDMX, Mexico
Claudia Campero, Mexico, Mexico
Claudia Erl, Regensburg , Germany
Claudia Giesbert, Gleichen, Germany
Claudia Küpper, Cologne , Germany
Claudia Landwehr, Gütersloh, Germany
Claudia Lima, Lisboa, Portugal
Claudia Neumann, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Claudia Podzymek, Breitenfurt, Austria
Claudia Postel , Hamburg , Germany
Claudia Ruckenbiel , Hamburg , Germany
Claudia Schwegmann, Wedemark, Germany
Claudia Von Eisenhart Rothe, Oberursel , Germany
Claudia Wittenborn, Hamburg , Germany
Claudio Magliulo, Bologna, Italy
Claus Schäfer, Marburg, Germany
Clio, United Kingdom
Colleen McLaren-Womal, Townsville, Australia
Concepción Lourdes Lozano Pérez , Canarias , Spain
Conor Twyford , Pukerua Bay , New Zealand
Coral Modaffari, Lake Alfred, United States
Cord Meyer, Leipzig, Germany
Cornelia Huth, Bayreuth, Germany
Cornelia Jarlbo , Malmö, Sweden
Courtney Rae Forti, jeffersonville , United States
Cristian Alejandro Green, Paraná, Argentina
Cristina , Bologna , Italy
Cristina de Barros Costa, Lisboa / Mainz , Portugal
cristina Ruzza, vigevano, Lombardia, Italy
Curt Meinig, Oldenburg, Germany
Cynthia S.E Nwadike, Francistown , Botswana
Dag Salomonson, Linköping , Sweden
Dagmar Finckh , Göttingen, Germany
Dagmar Nierich, Czechia
Damien Isambert, Stockholm, Sweden
Dan Chyutin, Tel Aviv, Israel
dana medina, Zoran, Israel
Dani Molyneux, Manchester , United Kingdom
daniel, עין הוד, Israel
Daniel, El Álamo , Spain
Daniel Glaas, Germany
Daniel Kronenberg , Salisbury , United Kingdom
Daniel Leclerc-Roux, France
Daniel Pätzold, Hannover, Germany
Daniel Schwalm, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Daniel Warren, Edinburgh
Daniela Jansson, Oakville, Canada
Daniela Krajčová, Bratislava, Slovakia
Daniela Mercieca, Scotland , United Kingdom
Daniela Molzbichler, Salzburg, Austria
Daniela Moroz , Bad Homburg vor der Höhe , Germany
Daniela puga, London, United Kingdom
Daniele Guidi, Cortona, Italy
Daniele Migliorini, VIGEVANO, Italy
Daniele Tabarly, Puerto de la cruz, Spain
Danita Krüger, Hamburg, Global
Danny Jowers Blain, Canberra, Australia
Darren Ellis, Seattle, United States
Darren shufflebotham , Berkshire , United Kingdom
Dave Hampton, Marlow, United Kingdom
David Evans, United Kingdom
David Pedersen, Saanichton, Canada
David Ratliff, American Southwest, United States
David Robert Warren, Barnet, United Kingdom
David Shorthouse, Canberra, Australia
David Warren, Soquel, United States
David Wiles, Ystad , Sweden
Dawn. Mockler , New Brunswick , Canada
De borman donatienne , Kraainem, Belgium
Deanna Hayes, Hurlstone Park, Australia
Deborah Luscomb, Maritimes, Canada
Denis Greenan , Latina , Italy
Dennis Vogt, Liebenau, Germany
Derek Benedict, United States
Derya Sever, Barcelona, Spain
Detlef Drescher , Goslar , Germany
Detlef Möller, Oberkrämer, Germany
Devalina, Delhi, India
Diana Davey, Stockport, United Kingdom
Diana Wagner, Uhingen, Germany
Dieter Gast, Marburg , Germany
Dieter Gehringer, Köln, Germany
Dieter Pape, Enge-Sande, Germany
Diethild Walther, Germany
Dietrich Kolk, Bonn, Germany
Dirk Hartung, Bonn, Germany
Dirk Hermann , Münster , Germany
Dirk Smolinski , Herten, Germany
Dolata Jürgrn, Gütersloh, Germany
Don Gordon Hutton, Melbourne, Australia
Donatella Pavan, Milano, Italy
Donatella Piccioni, Forlì, Italy
Donna Bradbury , East Schodack, United States
Donovan Wagner, Windhoek, Namibia
Dora Hietavirta, Kerava, Finland
Dora Napolitano, CDMX, Mexico
Doreen, Germany
Doreen Pape, Enge-Sande, Germany
Doreen Vetter, Leipzig, Germany
Dorota Herman, Łódź, Poland
Dorota Lewis, Sydney, Australia
Dorota Osvaldova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dorothea Gaumnitz, Baiersdorf, Germany
Dörthe Schroerschwarz, Berlin, Germany
Dr Anna Spinaze, Tasmania , Global
Dr Juliette Brown, London, United Kingdom
Dr Lise Hertel , Scotland , United Kingdom
Dr Mina Ogbanga , Amadi Abuloma Road, Germany
Dr. Achim Landvogt , Jesteburg, Germany
Dr. Amuche Nnabueze, Eastern Nigeria (Enugu State), Nigeria
Dr. Barbara Burghardt, Bielefeld, Germany
Dr. Carsten Wissing, Oldenburg, Germany
Dr. Diane DOBLE LEEMANS, Bristol, United Kingdom
Dr. Friedrich Wichmann, Paderborn, Germany
Dr. Georg Sebastian Völker, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Dr. Hannah Schürenberg-Frosch , Ruhrgebiet , Germany
Dr. Hans-Werner Sonntag, Pirna, Germany
Dr. Helmut Meitner, Munich, Germany
Dr. Ilana Frank Mor, Kiryat Tivon, Israel
Dr. Isabel Behr, Lippstadt, Germany
Dr. John Ayisi, Kakamega County, Kenya
Dr. Katharina Eberlein-Braun , Bamberg, Germany
Dr. Lorin Young, Cantley, Canada
Dr. Mihai Alevra, Göttingen, Germany
Dr. Monica Ahlawat, Gurugram , India
Dr. Teresa Henke, Würzburg, Germany
Durga Bhamidipati , Hyderabad , India
Duygu Uzun Tuzcu , İzmir , Turkey
E. Grotrian, Germany
E. Houghton, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Edmar Danilo Prigol Filho, Cascavel-PR, Brazil
Edmund Schultz, Braunschweig , Germany
Edoardo Basagbi, Italy
Edward Maibach, United States
Eicke Weber, Berlin, Germany
Eileen Krauße, Germany
Ejvind Spence, Copenhagen, Denmark
Elana Sadler, Los Angeles , United States
Elena Fraser, Twickenham, United Kingdom
Elena Gorini, Vigevano, Italy
Elena Kutlikova, Slovakia
Elena Rossi, Dublin, Ireland
Eleonora Horvatova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Eliana Azevedo , São Paulo , Brazil
Elin Engdahl, Stockholm, Sweden
Elin H********g, Malmö
Elin Kinning, Malmö, Sweden
Elin Lundqvist Burlin , Skellefteå , Sweden
Elin Mossberg, Grytgöl, Sweden
Elin Samuelsson, Kungälv , Sweden
Elina Eriksson, Bandhagen, Sweden
Elisa Manzino, Vigevano, Italy
Elisabet Ödman, Stockholm, Sweden
Elisabet Sundberg , Linköping, Sweden
Elisabeth Harley, Surrey, United Kingdom
Elisabeth Holm, Lidköping, Sweden
Elisabeth Schwenecke, Senden, Germany
Elissa Evans, Swansea, United Kingdom
Eliud Omutanyi, Butere, Kenya
Eliza coulston, Beacon Hill, Australia
Elizabeth Bechard, ESSEX JCT, United States
Elizabeth Cripps, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Odubanjo, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Tyrrell, Co Durham, United Kingdom
Elke Ploenes, Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany
ELLEN, Maringá, Brazil
Ellen Field, Orillia, Canada
Ellie Meure, London, United Kingdom
Ellinor Levander, Solna, Sweden
Elsbeth Hoeck, Lübeck
Elspeth Denchfield, United Kingdom
Elżbieta Lemańska-Błażowska, Wrocław, Poland
Emanuela Paoletti, Padova, Italy
Emanwela Edwins, Global, France
Emelie, Stockholm , Sweden
Emelie Stachewsky, Årsta, Sweden
Emile Lundell Hyden , Sweden
Emily Cornell, Colchester, United Kingdom
Emily Selencky, London, United Kingdom
Emily Van Giessen, Waterloo, Canada
Emma Andersson, Tidaholm, Sweden
Emma Bodicoat, Leek Wootton, Warwick, United Kingdom
Emma Chown, United Kingdom
Emma Dowds, Bristol, United Kingdom
Emma Johansson , Halmstad , Sweden
Emma Lundin, Saltsjö-boo, Sweden
Emma Mani, United Kingdom
Emma Mani, United Kingdom
Emma Pettersson, Skellefteå, Sweden
Emma Reade, London, United Kingdom
Emma Rich, Sydney, Australia
Emma Wahlstrand , Skövde , Sweden
Emma Webley, Chichester, United Kingdom
Emma Westerberg, Luleå, Sweden
Endel Stamberg, Hamburg, Germany
Engelbert Dejaco, Tirol, Austria
Enoch Lanquaye Lamptey , Accra, Ghana
Enriqueta del Rio, Monterrey Nievo Leon, Mexico
eoin galavan, Dublin, Ireland
Eric Lawton , Pontypool, Ontario , Canada
Erik Huss, Täby, Sweden
Erika Gallegos, Monterrey, Mexico
Erika Larsson, Värnamo, Sweden
Erika Liljedahl, Höganäs, Sweden
Erika Price, Sweden
Erna Bosschart - Tazelaar, Slagharen, Netherlands
Erna Kidron, Gazit - Israel
Esme Jones, London , Global
Esteban de Manuel Jerez, Spain
Esteban Lombeyda , Guaranda , Ecuador
Estefania Cabrales, Bogota
Estela Ghahremani, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Estelle Dollfus-Gates , Australia
Esther Crow, New York City, United States
Esther Hauer, Stockholm, Sweden
Esther Hernández Rodríguez, Tacoronte, Spain
Esther Wert Castro, MADRID, Spain
Esti osovsky, Rehobot, Israel
Eugen Zimmermann, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Eugenio Cavazos Valdés , Mexico
Eunice Foote, Malaga, Spain
Eva , Norrtälje , Sweden
Eva Adeen, Stockholm , Sweden
Eva Birgitta Kristina Nystrom, Lund, Sweden
Eva Carlsson, Visby, Sweden
Eva Gadocha, Salzburg, Austria
Eva Hallberg, Genarp, Sweden
Eva Karlsson, Belgium
Evelien Veenhuizen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Evelyn Dial, Seattle, WA, United States
Evy Van weezendonk, Nairobi , Kenya
Ewa , Poznań
Ewa, kraków, Poland
Ewa Karaś, Kraków, Poland
Ewa Szymajda , Warsaw , Poland
Ewelina, Wołomin, Poland
Ewelina, Warsaw, Poland
Ewen Forget, Quimperlé, France
Fabian Haß, Austria
Falco Weichselbaum, Wesel, Germany
Falk Zeuner, Leipzig , Germany
Farnaz Khan, Islamabad, Pakistan
FATIMA, Monterrey, Mexico
Felicia Pagliano , Montevideo , Uruguay
Felicia Wipp, Stockholm, Sweden
Felicity Briggs, SEVEN HILLS, Australia
Felicity Cahill, Drake Village, Australia
Felix Dollinger, Dresden, Germany
Ferdinand Halter, Vienna, Austria
Fflur Collier, Brisbane , Australia
Filippo Licari, Marsala, Italy
Fimpel, Wolfegg, Germany
Fiona Conolly, Canberra, Australia
Fiona Jane Nicholass, Newark, United Kingdom
Fiona McMurran, Welland, Ontario, Canada
Fiona Saunders, Australia
Florian Klebs, Reutlingen , Germany
Florian Meyer
Florian Villinger, Germany
Florina Arredondo , Monterrey , Mexico
Folke Boglin, Göteborg
Franca Marulli, Emilia Romagna , Italy
Francesca Liberatore, Deer Isle
Franck Siljestrand, Vårgårda, Sweden
François Dubreuil, Noisy Le Grand, France
Frank Abt, Frankfurt, Germany
Frank Sauter , Lindenbetg, Germany
Frank Thomas, Augsburg , Germany
Frank Treu, Germany
Franklin Ettinger, Mundelein, United States
Franz Anneser, Moosthenning , Germany
Franz Hiemer, Schwabmünchen, Germany
Franz Trappl, Austria
Franziska Bast, Saarbrücken , Germany
Franziska Brown, Bremen, Germany
Franziska Schleger , Tübingen , Germany
Fred Roest, Hardenberg, Netherlands
Freddie Balls, SX
Freddy K., Chennai, India
Fredrik Einarsson , Göteborg
Fredrik Holmberg, Sweden
Freia Ehmke , Schleswig Holstein , Germany
Freya Job, Braidwood, Australia
Frida Bergman, Umeå, Sweden
Frida Ekerlund, Sweden
Friederike Benjes , Heidelberg , Germany
FRIEDRICH ZYWITZA, Lindau (Bodensee), Germany
Frithjof Kuhlmann, Wülfrath, Germany
Gabi Fraunholz, Vorbach, Germany
Gabriel Ulvros , Sweden
Gabriela, Poznań, Poland
Gabriela Aguirre, Coahuila, Mexico
Gabriela Ester Kalman, São Paulo, Brazil
Gabriela Gonzalez, Nuevo León , Mexico
Gabriela Maya, Nacka, Global
Gabriela Pérez, Monterrey NL, Mexico
Gabriele Blöcker, Global
Gabriele Marmonti, Vigevano, Italy
Gabriele Müller, Müssen, Germany
Gabriella Åkesson , Västerås, Sweden
Gaia Martinelli-Bunzl, United Kingdom
Gal Landesman, Israel
Gálata Pérez Díaz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Gareth Morgan, Loughborough, United Kingdom
gareth Murray , Dublin 18, Ireland
Garvin Danisch, Hannover, Germany
Gavin Stark, Jerusalem, Israel
Gema Valdés Barbao , Asturias, Spain
Gemma John, Hampton, United Kingdom
Gemma Statton, Victoria , Australia
Gemma Vosper, Sevenoaks , United Kingdom
Geoff Day, Canada
Georg Hartl , Wien, Austria
Georg Pleger, Innsbruck, Austria
Georg Walcher, Bad Duerkheim, Germany
George Gregori, Athens, Greece
Geraldine Tredrea, Gilston, Australia
Gerd Lende, Oslo, Norway
gerd lende, Oslo, Norway
Gerd Steiner, Westerrönfeld, Germany
Germán D. Padilla , Puerto de la Cruz, Spain
Germán Kruszewski , Global
Gerrit Naber, Berlin, Germany
Gerrit Osabal, Vienna, Austria
Gesa Wendtland, Germany
Gian Giacomo, Islas Canarias, Spain
Giaramita Nina, Köln, Germany
gideon kreutz, Wien, Austria
Gil Reich, Tel Aviv, Israel
Gilda Ruiz , Monterrey, Mexico
Gill Hickman, London, United Kingdom
Gillian Davis, Global
Ginny Dixon Lowndes, CABRAMATTA NSW Australia, Australia
Ginzburg, Montreal, Canada
Giovanni Natale , Vigevano, Italy
Gisela Berger, Striegistal, Germany
Gisela Kallenbach , Leipzig , Germany
Gisela Schreiber , Würzburg , Germany
Gladis Aguirre Vidal , Stockholm , Sweden
Glen & Robyn Garner, Brisbane, Australia
Gonçalo Correia, Lisboa, Portugal
Goran Hobbold , Recklinghausen, Germany
Gordon HOUSLEY, Frome, United Kingdom
Gordon Laxer, Gravenhurst ON, Canada
Graham Klerks, Sydney, Australia
Graham Sidwell, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Granholm Lisa, Stockholm, Sweden
Greg Brummell, St George Qld, Australia
Gregory Biniowsky, Vancouver, Canada
Gregory Wocial, London, United Kingdom
Griselda DIAZ , Canary Islands, Spain
Gro Brask , Stockholm, Sweden
Gudrun Haas, München, Germany
Gudrun Schmidt, Egilsstadir, Iceland
Guido Gloor , Ostermundigen, Switzerland
Gulmohar Kaur Banga, Noida, India
Günther Schneider, Hamburg, Germany
Gustavo Martins, Stockholm , Sweden
Guy, Israel
Gwen Aker Aker, London
Gwen Smith, Newstead, Australia
Haas Adele, Klosterneuburg Österreich
Hagnauer Ulrich, Steffisburg, Switzerland
Hakan Akyüz, Muğla, Turkey
Hanin, Brussels, Belgium
Hanna Bos, Zwolle, Netherlands
Hanna Dzióbek, Wrocław, Poland
Hanna Edlund, Dalarna , Sweden
Hanna Flood, Sweden
Hanna Lindholm, Uppsala, Sweden
Hanna lundén, Sweden
Hanna Markgren, Stockholm , Sweden
Hanna Österlund, Stockholm, Sweden
Hanna Rådegård Eldh, Vällingby, Sweden
Hanna Rintala, Finland
Hannah Bedard, United Kingdom
Hannah Hislop, London, United Kingdom
Hannah Murray, Bristol, United Kingdom
Hannah Wall, Malvern , United Kingdom
Hannah Winter, Wien, Austria
Hans-Joachim Barnewitz, Treuen, Germany
Hans-Jürgen Eichler, Germany
Hans-Peter Lange, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Harald Buwert, Bayern, Germany
Harald Okun, Bedburg, Germany
Harald Sterly, Bonn, Germany
Harald Thielen-Redlich, Cologne, Germany
Harleen , Chandigarh , India
Harmit , New Delhi , India
Harriet Kater, Australia
Harriet Patience-Davies, London, United Kingdom
Harriet Shugarman, New York, United States
Havi Carel, Bristol, United Kingdom
Hayley , Bristol , United Kingdom
Hayley Mason, Bristol , United Kingdom
Hazel Roberts, Melbourne, Australia
Heather, United Kingdom
Heather Berberet, San Diego, United States
Hector Manuel Garza, MONTERREY, Mexico
Hedwig Fritz, Leverkusen, Germany
Heidi Schilberg, Niedersachsen, Germany
Heidi Yael Baron, Israel
Heike Küper, Köln, Germany
Heinke, Kiel, Germany
Helen Bradbury , Marlow, United Kingdom
Helen Cameron , Tamworth NSW , Australia
Helen Dawson, Frankston, Australia
Helen Long, London, United Kingdom
Helen Marriott Smith, Uckfield
helen mitchell, Oswestry, United Kingdom
Helena, Wien, Austria
Helena Holmgren, Stockholm, Sweden
Helena Lindemark, Stockholm , Sweden
Helena Read, Sydney , Australia
Helena Walfridsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Helene Svenberg, Växjö, Sweden
Helene Virsand, Stockholm, Sweden
Helge Blaue, Lower Saxony, Germany
Hema Chari Madabhushi , Maharashtra , India
Henning Seevers, Hamburg
Henrik Petrén, Uppsala, Sweden
Henry Aspeqvist, Spånga, Sweden
Herbert Thesing, Coesfeld, Germany
Hercilia Flores, Monterrey, Mexico
Hildegard Hebbelmann , Wedemark , Germany
Holger Buck , Nürnberg , Germany
Holger Drust, Hamburg , Germany
Holger Drust, Hamburg , Germany
Holger Stetzler, Dresden, Germany
Hubert Kohnert, Rheda-Wiedenbrück , Germany
Hugh Vaughan, Kenthurst, Australia
Hugo , Grand Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hüppe Patricia , Munich, Germany
I. walker, United Kingdom
Ian, Queensland, Australia
Ian Kruger, KINGSLEY, Australia
Ian Laws, Mönchengladbach , Germany
Iara Gelpi, Auckland, New Zealand
Ida Hvalgren, Varberg, Sweden
Ida Månson , Nyköping, Sweden
Idit Shefer , Haifa, Israel
Ido Liven, Warsaw, Poland
Igor Bukový, Šaľa, Slovakia
Ilan Doron, Kiryat Tivon, Israel
Ilaria Quotta, Milan, Italy
Ilse Wrbka, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Ilyich Tetteh Tagoe, Accra, Ghana
Imeke Holthusen, Berlin, Germany
Ina Germer , Münster , Germany
Ines Sämann, Dresden, Germany
Inga Vollstedt, Kainuu, Finland
Inge Ammon, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
Ingegerd Gavelin, Stockholm
Ingela Ahlbom, Tenerife, Spain
Ingmar Rövekamp , Leipzig, Germany
Ingrid Hesser, Sweden
Ingrid Molitor, Stockholm , Sweden
Ingrid Waldenström, Stockholm, Sweden
Ingrid-Katharina Wolf, Berlin , Germany
Inka Harpf, Finland
Iona, Yorkshire , Global
Irene , Istanbul, Turkey
Irene Verduzco , CDMX, Mexico
Irene Interlandi, Vigevano, Italy
Irene Roma, Bromma
Iria Flavia Muñoz Ferreiro, Maracena, Spain
Irmak Bayram, Mugla, Turkey
Irmela Hannover , Cologne, Germany
Isabel, Stuttgart, Germany
Isabel Mª Serna Barquero, Murcia, Spain
Isabel Steinfeld, Augsburg, Germany
Isabelle Enedahl, Sweden
Isabelle Mcallister, Stockholm
Ittai Hacohen, Modiin, Israel
Itza Orozco, Molkom, Sweden
Ivana Lasovska , Slovakia
Ivana Nemethova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Ivette sanchez, Mexico, mty
Ivonne Escarcega, Nuevo León, Mexico
Ivy Ewurama Adams, Greater Accra, Ghana
J de Brabander, Netherlands
J Dworniczak, New South Wales, Australia
Jacek Dziedzicki, Przesieka
Jacek Urbanowicz, Poland
Jack, Wien, Austria
Jack Ebongue Abasiubong, Uyo, Nigeria
Jackie Mcdonald, Margate
Jackson Green , Millcreek , United States
Jacob Wittrup Schmidt, Aalborg, Denmark
Jacqueline Moldovan , Sydney , Australia
Jacques Honore Ebongue Nkolo, Douala, Cameroon
Jacqui Dunn, Ocean Grove , Australia
Jada Neema , Nairobi , Kenya
Jake Dale, Pegasus, New Zealand
Jakob Vogt, München, Germany
Jali Makila (Mäkilä), Turku, Finland
Jan Mariscalco, PALERMO, Italy
Jan Martens, Hamburg , Germany
Jan Willem Achterbergh, Netherlands
Jana Pelzer , Heilbronn
Jane, Rome, Italy
Jane Carey, Oxford, United Kingdom
Jane Kilthei, Cowichan Bay, Canada
Jane prochazka, Lidingö, Sweden
Jane Ripley , Hastings , United Kingdom
Jane Vosburg, Santa Rosa, United States
Janet De Lu, Christchurch, New Zealand
Janet Meade, Yarra Glen, Australia
Janet Murray, Buttai, Australia
Jani López , Mexico
Janka Lukacova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Janka Vizarova, Bratislava
Janne Christiansen , Hamburg, Germany
Janne Rittmo, Tjörn, Sweden
Jaqueline Stevens, Offenbach , Germany
Jasmin Lang, Steyr, Austria
Jason Hindle, Hamilton , Canada
Jaymin Shah, Ahmedabad, India
Jeannette Eggers, Uppsala, Sweden
Jeffrey Belt, Horgen, Switzerland
Jen Fisher , Galway, Ireland
Jen Lindon, Canberra, Australia
Jen Rouse, Hastings, United Kingdom
Jenna Condie, Dharug land, Australia
Jenna Condie, Woodford
Jenni Berndtson, Malmö, Sweden
Jennie Bloom, Melbourne, Australia
Jennifer Calkins, Seattle, United States
Jennifer Davis, South Cornelly, United Kingdom
Jennifer L Keluskar, Commack, New York, United States
Jennifer Tynan-Campbell, Swansea, United Kingdom
Jenny , Sweden
Jenny Eriksson, Malmö, Sweden
Jenny Hedges, Oxford, United Kingdom